Бабушка Ольги Бузовой серьезно больна The presenter provides funds for treatment. According to the mother of the artist, Irina Alexandrovna, they are surrounded by care and attention of Olga. Buzova immediately comes to the aid of relatives in any difficult situation.
Бабушка Ольги Бузовой серьезно больна

Olga Buzova has argued that in difficult situations, always looking for support in the family. Close give advice to the artist and appreciate her for her kindness and responsiveness. As told by the mother of a celebrity, Irina, Olga often pleases their little surprises, and also to the rescue, when the family troubles. In one interview, the woman told that recently, her mother, Tamara Semenovna, began health problems.

“We have a very sick grandma – we always think how to make her happy, how to organize the rest, treatment. Olya always wondered how I spend my time. She is very caring and affectionate, likes to make surprises,” shared Olga.

During visits to St. Petersburg Buzova necessarily satisfied dinner with the family. In turn, the relatives of celebrities often come to support her concerts. Mother Olga believes that people should not criticize her daughter for the vocal.

“The girl came on stage and everyone began to worry – no voice, no looks, can’t dance, but sings. And you want her and she is stoned. That’s the main thing. I never thought that I would learn from her girls, and in many aspects. The most important thing is her nezapomenout,” said the woman.

Irina Aleksandrova hopes that the right partner in life can completely change her daughter. According to mother Olga, the heiress is ready for a new relationship but have not yet met the right person.

“If she loves, and the man will ask her to work, she leave the career. I saw her first love, the daughter went to live with the boy in the communal apartment, she was still… Olya looking for a man smarter than yourself, she wants someone to reach out, to learn from other people,” said the parent.

According to mother Olga in interview edition of “House-2”, her daughter does not matter, what makes a lover. For girls is much more important than the intelligence of the choice, and the ability to learn something from the man. According to Irina Alexandrovna, the following relations heiress will show you how it changed the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov. Olga Buzova: “when you come to an empty apartment, I think: “Lord, so will your whole life?”