Дрю Бэрримор терпеть не может мужа Камерон Диаз

Ducky, Benji Madden, the husband of Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, it was very annoying to her longtime and close friend drew Barrymore. The latter is not so long ago got rid of the marriage with will Kopelman, and not surprisingly, happy married life Cameron a bit annoying girlfriend.

According to the publication, RadarOnline, citing insiders, drew “hates” Madden and believes strongly that he cheated on Diaz.
“Benji very annoying drew is, he is the main reason that their relationship with Cameron cool. They’re not as close as once, much less see each other. Cameron became a stay-at-home and swapped girlfriends and parties to quiet evenings with her husband. In the eyes of drew, Cameron has changed and not for the better” — said the insider.
In addition, continues the source, Benji reminds her of all those bad guys who spoiled her life in her youth, and she initially wary of choosing a girlfriend.
“Drew is afraid that he will bring grief to Cameron, and she warned her from the start. And it’s a shame that she lost her girlfriend to parties, because they have recently been the best of friends,” — said the insider.
Recall that the 44-year-old Diaz is married to 38-year-old Benji in 2015, six months after the beginning of their relationship.