Рустам Солнцев: «Сыт по горло этими разборками у раковины между Гусевым и Романец» The showman spoke to the ex-participants “Houses-2”. According to Rustam Solntseva, the pair need to hit fans with a new turn in their relationship. The man offered a few options.
Рустам Солнцев: «Сыт по горло этими разборками у раковины между Гусевым и Романец»

This week fans of Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet was watching with interest the development of their relationship. Past Saturday eks-the participant “Houses-2” has announced that the wedding, which was to be held on the seventh of July, will not. The reason was Victoria’s correspondence with her Director in which she talks about Gusev as insolvent man. Anton “revealed” Wiki and read about it. In response to this romanet gave an interview in which he told that the man did not give her the money and she had to contain it. Anton Gusev: “I Want to publicly ask for forgiveness Wiki”

A few days later, when the dust settled, Anton publicly apologized to Victoria, offering her to reconcile and be together again. The ensuing drama forced to guess all watching her, whether the lovers are cursed, or was that just PR to gain popularity before the wedding. Not remained aloof and showman Rustam Solntsev, who every week in my column “Mamadorogaya” speaks about the colleagues.

“Rimma and Anton, my dear, the favorite, in my opinion, you went in a circle, turned to the ex-participants “Houses-2″ the sun. – I during the year I read in the news about you is the same: Rimma sent Anton apologized. I have to be honest, fed up with these, as they are called by the British, fighting at the sink. Offer something new… Although this time it was new: Romanets said that Anton buys underwear. This, of course, frenzy. Gusev, you’re wearing underwear from Victoria – it’s cool. Let’s soak already do something like this: you, Vika, go to Victoria’s bonnet, and you, Anton, to make friends with Sergey Zverev. Now let’s dilute the Egg theatre artists, and the old scenario is tired”.
Рустам Солнцев: «Сыт по горло этими разборками у раковины между Гусевым и Романец»

Rustam believes that the lovers have chosen the wrong tactics of negotiation, twisting in front of fans of their dirty Laundry.

“I look at them and don’t know what they are doing? – continues Rustam. – Well, you had a fight, sort things out among themselves. Why wash dirty linen in public, to talk about these underwear, socks… It’s a shame! I understand that they are public people, they need to whet the interest, but everything has to be a limit!”