Granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova lost the baby

Внучка Олега Стриженова потеряла ребенка 30-year-old Alexander Golosina not communicating with their famous relatives, who do not want to go out with her. Recently a mother was going through a very difficult life period. According to the young women, she had a miscarriage.
Внучка Олега Стриженова потеряла ребенка

The daughter of actress Natalia Strizhenovoj and granddaughter of the stars of the film “the gadfly” – Oleg and Marianne Alexander Golosina does not support relationships with his famous relatives. A couple of years ago the name of a young woman rocked the entire country when she took part in the filming of “Talk show” and talked about the fact that he signed the contract on surrogate motherhood. In August 2015, Alexandra gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl. However, the customers refused to pick up kids.

“Any maternal feelings I have for these children, nurtured them only for Mercantile interests. I left them in the child’s home, as far as I know, they have already adopted. With whom they live, I’m not interested, and look for not going,” says Golosina.
Внучка Олега Стриженова потеряла ребенка

Now Alexander is in a relationship with a man named Arthur. Despite the fact that she lives with her lover for the past year, the ZAGS the couple is in no hurry. The boyfriend of the granddaughter of Oleg Strizhenova – son those customers who violated the terms of the contract. The couple explained their decision by the fact that he did not want publicity, and Golosina told about surrogacy in a live TV show. Friends of Arthur does not approve of his choice.

“His parents are against our Union! There was a strong conflict over this situation, I have had a miscarriage, I was pregnant from Arthur,” said Golosina.
Внучка Олега Стриженова потеряла ребенка

The second half of a young woman working as a bartender. Lovers don’t allow themselves excesses and rent an apartment in the Moscow region. Famous relatives do not help Golosinas. After one of the TV show, in which Alexander participated, patience, grandfather and uncle of Alexander Strizhenova burst. They stopped all communication with her. The famous TV presenter shared his point of view on the situation, which turned out to Holoshyna.

“After she 15 years ago insulted my father, my grandfather, and decided to live independently, we do not communicate. It was her choice. I don’t know anything about this person and don’t want to know!” – said Alexander Strizhenov.

According to celebrity, Golosinas needs to help his father, with whom her mother had separated before the birth of her daughter. He refused to Alexandra and gave her his name. By the way, in one interview a young woman said that the man has a complex nature. In turn, Alexander Strizhenov said that his cousin got the estate, which passed to her by inheritance.

“Sasha got two New Arbat apartment in Moscow – and what now with them? Why she lives in rental housing, is unclear. What is now happening to her – her choice, and don’t need this girl to drag to our family”, – quotes celebrity

Recall that Alexander Golosina is the mother of many children. She is raising 10-year-old rum, 8-year-old Leroux and 4-year-old Ilya.