A friend of Alena Sviridova secrets of her riotous past

Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого One night the actress attended up to five clubs. Alena Sviridova and her friends loved spending time in the capital’s casinos. However, soon decided to diversify leisure. “StarHit” found out the details of the story happened with the pop star in the 90-ies.
Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого

The singer moved to Moscow from Minsk nearly thirty years ago. Sviridova lucky: producer Alexander Shevchenko quickly made her a popular star. So, after the release of the hit “Pink flamingos” from the artist there was no end of invitations for concerts, corporate events, birthdays and other events. The only thing that was upsetting the newfound celebrity – she worked hard and she has almost no friends in a strange city. But in 1993, she met with fashion designer Alice Tolkacheva.

On the eve of her birthday – August 14 Sviridova marks 55 years – designer remembered how once they made a fuss in the theater.

Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого“Behind the scenes of any event always occur very necessary and important meeting. At the time I worked with Angelica Varum, Tanya Bulanova, Epinoy Alena, Misha Shufutinski, Larisa Dolina and many other artists. Almost all wore gold membership stage, except Alena Sviridova. She, unlike the colleagues on stage, didn’t want to look romantic, preferred to be on the verge of a “patsanskogo” style.
Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого

Nice to remember that chic, curly period. I participated in the million impressions, and Alena was the endless number of concerts. That is, both earning well and regularly, but to spend honestly earned, did not have time. Therefore, to travel half the city casino for one night – easy! Bet – the basic entertainment in those years. The most popular and prestigious places were considered Metelitsa on Novy Arbat, “Crystal” on the Proletarian, but our favorite was the casino “Chatillon”.

Over time, this wild life, we become boring, the time has come to diversify. Alena began to attend more cultural events. Once particularly distinguished. Girlfriend Ekaterina Polozova invited us to the opening of literary hotels.
Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого

That night Sviridov came to visit, we are gathered together: they dressed up, made up and went on my machine. As luck would have it, took place in the capital, a hundred measures on the roads was a terrible crush. In the “crossing Europe” we stopped at one place to second and then rushed on the last point – to Kate. Of course, late notable. Aware of guilt, the questions, “Well, where are you?” answered, that in traffic or looking for Parking, and finally the time has come coveted “All, almost there, another few minutes.”

I’m Alena, foaming, pissed off, flies in the Yermolova Theatre, where they will host the event. At the entrance guard strict, raising up one eyebrow, surprised asked: “where are You going?” We answer: say, no time to explain, terribly late, sorry. And like a rocket, flies in the lobby, look around – not a soul around. Probably, all the guests have taken their places. Reaches of the wardrobe, throws off the robe, taking the number plates and a bullet to enter the hall.

There are poor women, ticket collector with programs, they look scared and begging them to be quiet because the play goes on. We frantically explain that we need to skip, because waiting for the friend that it is important to maintain. It’s tempting to wait for intermission, but we do not agree. In the end, we give the conductor, which is rigidly States: “Sit on any empty seats”.

Alain says: “can’t we included in the list of vip guests and left two chairs in the front row. If there are problems, let’s solve the issue using the guide. The heroine Catherine Polosovoi already on the scene, we all can!” And then the usherette changes in the face, he straightens up and says the sacramental phrase: “you Know, Polozova in this part of not playing.”
Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого

We look at each other, moving slowly back and begin to call Katya – say where you are. Friend: “I was Standing near the entrance waiting for you. Where are you all? Told me that from minute to minute, will!” Answer: “Like where? The Yermolova Theatre!” Polozova miraculously able to restrain emotions and not even cursing, just wearily said, “Girls, we have to come to the Museum Yermolova”.

To the right place we got at the last moment. First Kate on us dirty looks, but after stories laughed, and forgave. Now we with Alena have their own catch phrase: “And Polozova in this part of not playing.” Say it and weep with laughter.

Подруга Алены Свиридовой открыла тайны ее разгульного прошлого