Granddaughter of Alexander Maslyakov decided on the profession

Внучка Александра Маслякова определилась с профессией
Nine-year-old Taisiya not follow in the footsteps of grandfather and father.

Внучка Александра Маслякова определилась с профессией

Alexander Maslyakov

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Taisiya Maslyakova

Photo: Seven days

The granddaughter of the most cheerful and resourceful person in our country —
Alexander Maslyakov is not going to play in the WHC. Taisiya said its stellar members of the household that
wants to become a famous designer. This is despite the fact that the girl has all the makings to be an actress! With three
Taisiya years singing in the group “Neposedy”, conducts concerts as the lead.
Star grandfather looking at his granddaughter, he was sure that with such talent Tasia just have to play in the WHC! But she decided differently.

purposeful. Right now, my main goal is to be
good, obedient, beautiful girl, ” says Tasia.— But in the future I want
to do something practical. I want to make people nice. Here are some of the designers
dictate what to do in the apartment, and I’ll have another. I will listen to
people, because they have their own taste and desires.”

By the way, several years ago the granddaughter of the permanent leading KVN
Alexander Maslyakov seriously started painting. “Taisa goes to school at
the development of artistic skills, she clearly has the ability to draw, —
told the “7D” the girl’s father Alexander Maslyakov-younger. — She can create
quite professional still life. So on birthdays and holidays all
members of our family receive a gift from the Thai paintings”. This is not the only
hobby girls — Taya still does math, and a lot of time
gives the sport.

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