Anastasia sent her daughter to the father

Анастасия Волочкова отправила дочь к отцу
The daughter of a ballerina visited grandfather in St. Petersburg.

Ariadne Volochkova and Yury Fedorovich

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia often tells fans about his own father — Yury Fedorovich. A former champion of the Soviet Union table tennis lives in St. Petersburg and, unfortunately, almost never leaves his apartment because of migrated eight years ago of a stroke. But the family at every opportunity to visit it themselves. Arriving in St. Petersburg, the ballerina definitely visiting her dad. On a current vacation to visit grandpa went 10-year-old Ariadna — with grandma Tamara Vladimirovna.

Mom ballerina also does not lose sight of the former spouse. They divorced many years ago. BUT still Tamara helps Yuri Fedorovich, than maybe taking care of him. Here and now was pleased with — brought his beloved granddaughter.

The most beautiful, incredibly touching seeing the Arisha with my grandfather, who only “working” a hand presses to his granddaughter, began wishing him good health. Expressed the hope that Yuri Fedorovich will become easier and he will again be able to move and talk. All of his family in recent years live it with hope. “Dad is a true fighter in life, always amazed at his courage,” — admitted Volochkova Anastasia.

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