Gough revealed the truth about the affair with the Keti Topuria

Гуф раскрыл правду о романе с Кети Топурией The musician spoke about his alleged lady. Gough was concerned about the numerous comments of the fans, in which they ask him about the relationship with the Keti Topuria. Earlier the soloist of A-Studio has denied the information about her fascination with the rapper.

      Гуф раскрыл правду о романе с Кети Топурией

      In late January, the public was amazed by the news that rapper Guf allegedly had an affair with a married soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria with. It was alleged that celebrity together had a vacation in Koh Samui in Thailand. In the Network appeared the video, which was captured a certain loving couple relaxing by the pool, but in this video it’s hard to see the faces of young people.

      Keti Topuria a suspected affair with the Body

      Guf recently, concerned about a large number of fan comments with questions about his relationship with Kathy, decided to close this topic once and for all. The actor said he respected colleague and don’t want to be involved in a scandal. The musician said that not found with the charismatic brunette. He also clarified the rumors that this story is another PR stunt.

      “I don’t even know how to respond… I would maybe even again said nothing, as she had done this a million times before but this time had not only on me. We have a good rapport with Kathy, friends. But we are not so close to travel together to relax. And how we spent vacation on one island, I found out only on arrival in Moscow. I have great respect for Katie and her family. And it certainly doesn’t deserve to be dragged into this affair. I, as a person and so not with the best reputation, this may be even at hand, but could you think of anyone else,” said Guf.

      The statement of the rapper caused approval among his fans. They thanked him for his sincerity and advised not to respond to rumors spread by envious. “Decent answer”, “I suspect that’s not true,” “Act worthy of respect”, “Well said”, “Good”, “Great review”, “We are always with you”, “We know that you’ll never ruin someone else’s family,” was discussed by the fans Gufa.

      Note that earlier about his alleged affair with the rapper spoke Keti Topuria. A young woman has not confirmed the rumors that she was vacationing with the Body. She said that Alexey Dolmatov – her friend and nothing more. According to Katie, it is great to communicate with the artist and a group Centr. Topuria also said that the photos that appeared in the Network, captured it.