Гоша Куценко показал подросшую младшую дочь
The actor published a picture of a two-year, Eugenia.

Gosha Kutsenko

Photo: Instagram Gosha Kutsenko (@GOSHAKUTSENKO))

Gosha Kutsenko is one of the most secretive actors in
the Russian cinema. About his personal life virtually nothing is known. He secretly married at the end of 2012 to Strychinine, and marriage
knew not even my best friends. And the news that spouses a year later a second child was born, became to others a big surprise.Kutsenko never talked about
my younger daughter and showed her pictures. But over the weekend, the actor still decided to please his fans and
published a picture where he is pictured together with his wife and two-year
daughter. Baby girl lying on dad’s lap and sleeping peacefully. Unfortunately, Eugenia’s face is not visible.

Let’s remind, Gosha Kutsenko already have
child from first wife, actress Mary Poroshina. He brings 20 years of
daughter Pauline. Relationship father / daughter is very good, Gosha in control of all things Pauline. Also Kutsenko is friends with the whole family Poroshino. He’s one of the first to greet Mary with the birth of a third child. “I would have any choice goshi accepted unconditionally, but with the Ira and we really had a great relationship, she is wonderful, lively, intelligent, talkative, admits Maria. — We all rejoiced when Ira Gosha’s daughter was born Genia, the little girl — a miracle. It’s amazing how motherhood changes a woman, Irina is a very caring mother. Yes Paula and the baby have really bonded. And Shem with Grun is constantly asking, “when are we going to our sister Zhenechka?” Don’t believe want my younger girls to argue. Believe that Genia them sister, and great!”

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