Синди Кроуфорд пожалела, что отказала миллиардеру
50-year-old supermodel admitted that in his youth missed a lot of opportunities.

Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

In an interview with the magazine “7 Days” Cindy Crawford admitted that he feels sorry about some of the opportunities she generously provided the youth. Of course, many will say that “the title of” supermodel, millions in contracts and marriage to Richard Gere — just enough to recognize the life successful. But, exchanging sixth decade, Cindy said, “I guess, I could seldom say “no”. You know, when in the
early in his career invited to the famous yacht designer or billionaire, and you
say “no”, not everyone understands this. But I resolutely refused to participate in
wild booze, drugs and dancing on tables. It’s funny that already
much later, when I was married to Randy (second from Cindy’s husband Randy Gerber), we are invited to visit one
of those billionaires on that same yacht, and once invited me, quite
young. And you know, it was very fun! And we were all dancing till you drop,
the number on the tables! But I was with Randy, and he was protecting me. And I knew
he will tell me when to jump off the table. (Laughs.) Maybe I missed some
opportunities. Preferred to sit with a book, while others indulged
all sorts of pleasures. Well, now it’s not coming back.”

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