Гоша Куценко продает элитный автомобиль
The actor posted an ad to sell his beloved car.

Гоша Куценко продает элитный автомобиль

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

Gosha Kutsenko parted with one of their cars —
a yellow Mustang. Today on the page in the social network actor put
the announcement of the sale. “Mustant-patsanchik is given in good hands! writes Ghosh.
— Excellent condition! Your transformer is waiting for you!”

Reviews then he fell down on the actor from the horn of plenty, so far
part of a more humorous nature. “Take freely.” “Take for free”. “Change
an old Lada on it with an additional charge. And many others. Gosh, but did not lose hope and was
absolutely right! An hour later, the page in his microblog developed this
auction. Now fans of the actor offered to buy a car more than one and a half million rubles!

It is no secret that the stars often sell things through
social network, and very successfully. Last year just at the same time
Kutsenko sold his beloved SUV, starring together with the famous
a few films.

However, without a steep foreign cars actor will remain. After all, this spring
he took from repairing your favorite car — stylish, sporty
convertible Morgan, the cost of which in 2014 was estimated at an average of four
million, or seventy thousand euros. Since then, the price of cars has increased markedly.
In order to fix “pet”, the actor took a year and a half and
one of the best maintenance teams in Moscow.

Favorite sports car Kutsenko and a half years after the accident

Photo: @goshakutsenko (Instagram Gosha Kutsenko)

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