A baby boom at the “Kinotavr”: Artem Tkachenko again will become a father

Беби-бум на «Кинотавре»: Артем Ткаченко снова станет отцом
The initiative of Sergey Bezrukov was supported by the star of the series “the Red Queen”.

Artem Tkachenko with his beloved Catherine Stabling

Photo: Maxim Lee

Before the official opening of “Kinotavr” for a few hours, but
the sensation becomes known for a sensation. News and entirely enjoyable! So,
the official representative Sergey Bezrukov were warned all the guests of “Kinotavr”,
the actor and his wife, Anna, matison, whose film “After you” got into the competition, waiting
child. So for obvious and very
valid reasons the couple is unable to present his film personally. The extra hype around them now useless. But
Bezrukov and Mathison will arrive the next day at a press conference after
view to discuss his film with the critics.

Item number two of the Sochi – refill waiting for Artem Tkachenko and
his fiancee, actress Ekaterina Steblina. The pregnancy is still small, so
the lovers arrived on the black sea coast, to get together at the starry
the track’s most prestigious film festival in the country.

Guests of “Kinotavr” said, with what touching care of 34-year-old Tkachenko takes care of her feet. Immediately after arrival, they made Catherine
a walk by the sea. Their romance became known a few months ago, and in
the beginning of may lovers first appeared as a couple at the festival “Movement” in

Artem Tkachenko already have one child – year-old son Tikhon, by his second wife, actress Eugenie Krapovickas.

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