Gosha Kutsenko left his wife and children

Гоша Куценко оставил жену с детьми
The actor admitted that he almost never sees his young daughters.

Гоша Куценко оставил жену с детьми

Gosha Kutsenko


Гоша Куценко оставил жену с детьми

Irina Kutsenko with his daughter marrying

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This summer Gosha Kutsenko became large dad. Wife — Irina Skrinichenko gave the artist another daughter, which is rumored to be called Svetlana. Despite the birth of a third child, the actor was not more “homemade”. He continues to days lost at work and hardly sees his children.

Gosh calls himself the “father of the invisible” and frankly admits that her family gives him a lot of experiences. “I work all the time, and the family lives out of town. I don’t see them actually… But I recently went on a tour to Israel, and to me there for a week came the wife and daughter Zhenya. She is three and a half years. This was our first whole week together. I saw her every morning and she of course got used to me…” — said recently gosh.

If the details of the life of the youngest daughter Kutsenko not been announced yet, something about Eugene says he is very happy. Not so long ago she visited for the first time in a performance of his famous dad. “She was on my show and it was so cool. Jack watched the whole first act and not make a sound. I was afraid I’d hear a scream: “Daddy, no!” or “Dad, behind you!” But no. She even went to the bows to me!” — proudly said gosh. Kutsenko, by the way, is going to teach the daughter to the scene, as, in his opinion, her acting career for girls is the best option possible.

Gosha Kutsenko with his youngest daughter

Photo: @goshakutsenko Instagram Gosha Kutsenko

“For a girl to be an actress of course. This, of course, a women’s profession. First the woman, if anything, there’s always family and you can do serious business. And what else to do?” — spoken by the response to the broadcast Ru.tv. That’s probably why the eldest daughter Kutsenko (from his marriage with Maria Poroshina) — Pauline chose for his profession the path of an actor.