The winner of the show “the Bachelor” reveals the secrets method Manual Plastics

Победительница шоу "Холостяк" раскрывает секреты метода Ручной Пластики
On the official channel Center Manual Plastic appeared on Youtube a series of interviews Olesya Ermakova “Aesthetics past and present” with the Creator of the method and the author of the book Yuri Andreevich by Volynkina.

Победительница шоу "Холостяк" раскрывает секреты метода Ручной Пластики

Olesya Ermakova – familiar to many as the winner of reality show “the Bachelor,” but during his eventful journalistic career she talked about science, technology and cybermedicine, met with scientists, the creators of the robots, neurosurgeons and gerontology, interviewed many famous people, including Michael Jackson, Posner, and many others.

Here’s a review of his process of correction and the result left in the Oles Instagram: “don’t call going – let him go. Let go of imperfection. Don’t complicate the already wildly complex tissue balance of fat, muscle and bone. Achtung! Nature prevails, but this might have something to do. Finally, we shot interviews with a lot-I adored Yuri Andreevich by Volynkina, author of unique method of discipline “Plastic Manual”, standing in a separate direction from manual therapy and massage Subtelny works. Constitutional non-invasive plastic human body proportions is generally what? I had to learn over 800 pages of text before deciding on the first procedure. But it was worth it. Manual Plastic – not just a brand, a patent, internationally recognized as a breakthrough in the field of medicine, where aesthetics – the question is individual and delicate. . . Urgent question, you can even say philosophical, which affects vision of the Constitution, women, as a harmonious and unified whole. Write your questions – we will review on “word of mouth”. Official website –”.

All videos can be seen here:

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