Гоша Куценко не сошел с ума благодаря Марии Порошиной Artist grateful ex-wife. Gosha Kutsenko, remembering his youth, believes that it has made a lot of mistakes, the main of which he has not given to prevent ex-wife Maria Poroshina.

      Гоша Куценко не сошел с ума благодаря Марии Порошиной

      Gosha Kutsenko was third-year student at theater school, when I first saw the beautiful girl immediately fell in love. The beloved young actor was freshman Maria Poroshina. Soon the lovers had a daughter Pauline. However, the marriage of actors did not last long – only five years old. Despite this, he continues to admire Maria and thank her for not let him lose touch with his daughter Pauline.

      Gosha Kutsenko has revealed the details of his birth Poroshino

      “We must pay tribute to the genius, my beloved Mary, which showed an angelic understanding of the situation and my internal turmoil in the period when we broke up. And not ruined it with Pauline the link, saved it. They must have realized that, having disappeared from the life of my daughter, I was just going crazy, and… spared my life. And if the realization that I do, came to me, I certainly actually crazy. By the time I did it. But Mary took pity on me, showing that she spermata woman,” says Kutsenko.

      It should be noted that Kutsenko is supporting his daughter Pauline. The girl decided to follow their parents ‘ footsteps and become an actress. Moreover, she has repeatedly worked on one set with my dad. By the way, to choose creative professions Polina had all the prerequisites, because it is from childhood was in an acting environment.

      “Pauline turned out to be between all of us, was such a favorite balloon that we tossed. She was friends with my parents. Thank you, Jesus, Mary again showed wisdom and did not deprive their beloved granddaughter. Of course, they cherished the Field, was madly in love with,” says Ghosh in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      It is noteworthy that the former spouses Poroshina and Kutsenko still socialize heat. So, in the summer of 2014, the actor became a father for the second time. The wife of the artist Irina Skrinichenko gave birth to a daughter, named Eugenia. Maria was one of the few relatives of him, who learned about this event was one of the first.

      And in February this year, when Poroshina gave birth to a fourth daughter, he could not restrain his emotions and proudly reported this to his followers in “Instagram”. “Masha Poroshina gave birth. All! And?”, – he wrote. Despite the brevity of the message and the inherent humor of the artist, Kutsenko managed to convey the feeling of admiration for the woman he once loved.

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