Джордж Клуни впервые заговорил об Амаль после скандала с изменой
Hollywood actor told how he managed to avoid divorce with his wife.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Photo: Fotodom.ru

George Clooney for the first time gave
interview erupted around him after the scandal connected with cheating wife Amal Alamudin. To the surprise of fans, the actor did not deny the rumors about her
of infidelity, and said that she Amal a very happy marriage.

“The most valuable thing
we have our friendship and trust. And in our family the main rule. I
do not part with your beloved more than seven days. Amal we can not bear the separation and
constantly communicate with each other online!” — George said. It is curious that
on a day when the paparazzi made incriminating Clooney pictures, wife next to him not
was. We will remind, charge of treason fell in the address of the Hollywood actor after the publication of photos in which he hugged and kissed a mystery blonde during a secret tryst.
The couple were caught at the outlet of trendy restaurants in California, when they, having dined together, gently said goodbye. Some of the fans said the stranger — just the wife of the man Clooney, but there were many, and those whom George seemed too frivolous for married men.

Be that as it may, evil
languages continue to argue that the Union with Amal Hollywood actor
will be short-lived. The reason for these assumptions is the fact that
wife Clooney did not manage to get pregnant. But the actor is quite
ripe for fatherhood. Some time ago George and his wife, as
claim them close friends, are thinking about adopting a child. But if it helps save a marriage, time will tell.

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