Eva Polna takes lessons from Alexander Vasiliev

Ева Польна берет уроки у Александра Васильева
The singer is preparing for spring.

Ева Польна берет уроки у Александра Васильева

Eva Polna

Photo: instagram Eva’s Shouting

Eva Polna, which is famous for its original sense
style, all tired from the dullness of winter and advises dressing in bright colors and not
forget about jewelry. The Eva chose a brooch from the collection of the brand,
who prefers fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

Alexander Vasiliev

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

“You remember about my belief in miracles of Color therapy? Here it is
therapeutic obnalichka: coat color of cranberries! I have different coat: orange, fuchsia, the color of freshly cut grass and even lime! And this is not and not
was. Comfortable and softest wool — boasted new clothes Eva. — Would have never shot it. And to him I grabbed
vigorous blue-red neck-handkerchief with polka dots. Girls-saleswomen
tell them that these ornaments of their brand prefers fashionable
gurus Alexander Vasiliev! Remember, he always attaches something spectacular then scarf, then jacket? I fell and picked up a brooch too! I think I “Gura”. Time is a time
to put pen to paper and share a couple of tips about how to nice and simple
to tie small neck handkerchiefs”.

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