Гордон обвинила Собчак в лицемерии и плагиате Xenia and Ekaterina, who expressed his desire to run for President, known each other for about ten years. Their first meeting ended in a major scandal. And it seems that now there is a new cause for confrontation. Gordon said that Sobchak stole her political ideas.

Journalist and singer Katya Gordon recently pays more attention to social activities. Since 2012 she owns a private law firm, “Gordon and sons” and frequently acts as counsel in high-profile cases. For example, it defended the interests of Catherine ancharovoj, Irina Nelson, Olga Kazachenko, Morella Russo.

In addition, at the end of October this year, Catherine has indicated its desire to participate in presidential elections. Gordon immediately proclaimed his main campaign slogan – the struggle for the rights of women and children. Many ambiguously reacted to the statement by Kathy. Many ordinary people just laughed at what from the mother of two children, President, some experts made the assumption that the act of Gordon – it’s only revenge Ksenia Sobchak. Kate first responded to the election program of Xenia. She accused her of hypocrisy, plagiarism, dishonesty.

“Acquainted with the program Ksenia Sobchak. More recently, the program was not what she honestly said Vladimir Solovyov in the air… And there was. What makes Ksenia Sobchak looks like a blatant political plagiarism — She nominally declares and assigns the slogans, which has nothing to do. It is and women and children and against the President… I do not mind, for me the result is more important than personal ambition… It’s her choice, but hypocrisy in this whole movement rolls. I’m starting to understand why Chichvarkin, a recent friend, dumped this man. I’m starting to think that that stupid scandal on radio two young fools was almost intuitive. I do not tolerate lies and hypocrisy. Then I was an inexperienced girl was overwhelmed with emotions,” wrote Gordon.

Gordon and Sobchak had a fight eight years ago, when they met in person, the radio station “Mayak”. Then “the blonde in chocolate”, presenter of the TV show “Dom2” Sobchak became the heroine of the program “Cult of personality”, which was led by Kate Gordon, along with writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The conversation the two blondes went wrong from the first minute, and exchange of barbs at all turned into an ugly argument with blatant insults from both sides.

“Katya Gordon sits and is stained red, and all the people sitting in the Studio just laughing over it, because that is absolutely pathetic, – said Sobchak, – Look, you can appease this woman? I think it’s her period some.”

“You just, you know, such a national nerve. You proved it here. Question: what are you doing this? – asked Gordon to get out of the ether, Xenia. Go. Get the hell out of the ether.”

This scandal has caused a wide resonance in the press, but also entailed more serious personal consequences – Gordon was fired from the radio station “Mayak” after the broadcast with Sobchak.