Рустам Солнцев: «Кокорин, пистолет детям не игрушка!» Showman commented on the behavior of well-known football player. According to him, Kokorin should not be messing with guns, as it may be affected in case of unsuccessful movement.

A few days ago, the attacker “Zenit” Alexander Kokorin has published in the microblog scandalous photo. In the hands of a famous athlete holding the guns. Young guy posing against the backdrop of the Caucasus mountains. In the caption to the picture he thanked locals for the warm welcome. Many took the frame Kokorin ambiguous. Still fresh in the memory of the story, when the player shoot a gun at the wedding of his friend Alan Chochiev, who plays Samara FC “wings of the Soviets”. Then a member of the ethics Committee of the Russian football Union Gennady Kostylev wanted to punish the attacker with a belt. Comments to the new frame Alexander closed.

Showman Rustam Solntsev reacted to the behavior of Kokorin. In the weekly category “Mother-Dear” the man made fun of his picture.

“Mammoth of thought, footballer Kokorin posed with guns on the backdrop of the Caucasus mountains. Mind this player as a nine year old child. Cute Kokorin, I urge you to play good football, it’s useless, but still a gun not a toy for children”, – asked the sun.

The showman added that Alexander should be more careful with weapons. “Suddenly, you’re ear will hurt, and maybe not just the ear,” Rustam smirked and showed the eggs.

By the way, is not the only tense situation over the last few days, the hero of which became a famous football player. After one of the matches Kokorin suggested that French footballer Neymar to compete off the field. He has published in his Instagram video where he kills five players with a sniper rifle AWP. Russian athlete accompanied the post with the caption: “Waiting in the lobby, Neymar”.