Gold membership remains in Comedy Woman show

Золотой состав Comedy Woman остается в шоу

It became known, what will participants Comedy Woman of the new season.

The last 10 years gold member of the show Comedy Woman headed his producer and the mastermind behind Natalia, Aprikian delighted the audience with TNT.

But recently, rumors that the show is coming radical changes. It was rumored that part of the show decided to disband. The project will continue its activities, but with other participants who have yet to find.

It turned out that the truth in this story is, do the producers announced the casting on which you will be looking for new face for popular transmission, but the old crew of girls will not disappear.

The audience easily exhaled, because fans can’t imagine TNT without Catherine Barnabas, Marina Fedunkiv, Natalia Eprikyan, Nadezhda Sysoeva and other stars of the project.

October 18 at the upfronts TNT, the producers of the TV channel presented a sketch show Love is leading which will be Natalya, and its participants, Yekaterina Varnava, Marina Fedunkiv, Tatyana Morozova, Maria Skornicka and Sergey Lazarev.