Galkin will open a Museum of gifts, like Jakubowicz

Галкин откроет музей подарков, как у Якубовича

Host of the show “Maximmaxim” will open a Museum in his program.

We all remember from childhood is an exciting moment when in the capital-show “Field of miracles” players exposed to drum their Goodies for the presenter Leonid Yakubovich.

Which he not only presented: homemade pickles, clothing and even weapons. As it turned out, Maxim Galkin has long dreamed to visit the place of Leonid Bykov. So since the release of “Maximmaxim” which will air on October 22 on the First channel, this Saturday, all celebrity guests will come to Galkin not with empty hands.

“I always wanted to keep me as Yakubovich was carrying gifts, – said Maxim Woman’s Day. — When I was the host of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” the guests have arrived, something gave, but I showed them the gifts in the air and wear stopped! And I want to thank all”.

Marked the beginning of a new tradition, the singer Valeria. She handed the artist a Board game with the words: “Will of Alla play in the evenings”. Himself Maxim decided that henceforth he, too, will give guests Souvenirs, and allow them to take whatever they want from his castle.