Gobozov forgave the mistress sex scandal with a fan Buzova

Гобозов простил любовнице секс-скандал с поклонником Бузовой The star of “House-2” is back on the TV show. Alexander Gobozov said “StarHit” that really fell in love with a participant of the reality show. However, a few days before his arrival, Kate Zinoviev triggered the sex scandal.

Recently, one of the most famous heroes of the “House-2” Alexander Gobozov decided to return to the project. Unexpectedly for many, a step prompted his sympathy for the party telestroke – Kate Zinovyeva. Beauty was in the seventh heaven from happiness, and even entered into an intimate relationship with Gobozova. However, a few days before the return of Sasha in reality had been drinking and… began to stick to another member of the show – Roman Gritsenko.

“I doubted if I should in this case to come. But because of their age and experience different views on many things. So he made it so that no one who is not begging. Let bygones be bygones. Forgot, move on. I realized that the feelings took over when sat at home and missed Kate” – shared with “StarHit” Sasha.

It should be noted that the girl admitted his guilt and even called my mom the beloved Olga. She tried to explain to the woman that had sincere feelings towards her son and does not intend to build relationships with other young people. Olga calmed and even supported Zinoviev, noting that everyone can make mistakes.

“I also talked to my mom, but the conversation didn’t go into details, honestly. Just said girls got drunk and the night was cracking up. She said, “You remember.” Know Katya the next day I called my mom, apologized, and explained the situation. They each other very much,” – said Gobozov.

Meanwhile, after the information about the return of the legendary party in the Network sparked controversy. Not all supported Alexander’s desire to return to the show. Some advised him first to formalize the divorce with Allianoi Ustinenko, as well as to give more time to little Robert. Gobozov explained that every day to see my son and helps his wife.

“Let me go every day. Wake up at six in the morning, seven already come to Robert. We are lying on the bed, cuddling, playing, then taking him to daycare and go back to the clearing. Aliana on my return to the “Dom-2″ was okay – we have a year not together, yet cold. She recently got into a minor accident. All questions on insurance, maintenance and documents and went up to me. I will always help Eliane, because she is, like it or not, my family, the mother of my child. Without Robert and can not live a day,” admitted Alexander.

To what Ustinenko Gobozov and still officially married, Ekaterina Zinovyeva is quite easy. She was sure that between her lover and Allianoi feelings are long gone. And in addition to the son they have nothing in common.

Alexander points out that outside of the project he has absolutely everything, so it does not hold for the place in the TV show. The clearing he came back solely for the sake of a new passion.

“I immediately discussed with Kate all the nuances, said that communication with Allianoi inevitable, because every day I come to the son… I am not prepared to acquaint Kate with her son and I don’t think it will happen in the near future. It seems to me that after submitting the application to the Registrar it will be possible to talk about it. Meanwhile, the wedding of the question”.

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