Nastasya Samburski rebuffed Stalker

Настасья Самбурская дала отпор преследователю Actress and TV presenter was not to be afraid of the unknown. Nastasya Samburski decided to deal with a strange man. The actress got out of the car and asked why he controls her every move.

Not so long ago the star of the show “Univer” Nastasya Samburski replaced Helen Bat in the program “Revizorro”. Now she travels to places of public catering in different cities of our country with checks. This time the artist went to Volgograd. As it turned out, for two days Nastassja and their crew was pursued by unknown persons. Samburski did not tolerate surveillance, and therefore decided to deal with the man.

“Revizorro requires a lot of courage. Filming in Volgograd me with the crew for two days pursued the car with closed rooms. Who and why, I can’t even imagine. In the end my patience ran out, we stopped the car, and I gathered all her strength and she went on the attack. As expected, the Stalker was confused, and did not expect such pressure from its “victims”. The surveillance stopped, but just in case, and the number of the machine (personally ripped them from the snow) and it looks I have saved. My dear, take care!”- said Nastasya in the microblog.

The actress posted a video on the social network, which captured the meeting. During a conversation a man was unlocked and didn’t want to admit that he was stalking Samburski. It also included a camera phone and recorded the conversation with the star of the series “Univer”.

Fans are very worried about the dangerous work of the actress. They wished her to be careful. “You be careful and take care of yourself!”, “The nightmare that is happening, it’s time the group and the protection of hire”, “Maybe just another crazy fan?”wrote a follower.

Not so long ago, Samburski was attacked. She was in one of the cafes, where the leadership did not like the sudden visit of the television team. Unknown people attacked a film crew, but Nastasya managed to escape and hide from the angry men.The Nastasya Samburski lashed out with his fists

This is not the first show where Samburski inspects cleanliness and order. To do this, on the TV channel “Friday!”it helped lazy the owners of the apartment to clean up and get rid of unnecessary things in the “General cleaning”.

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