Глюк'oZа дает уроки соблазнения Собчак The singer responded to the funny video of the presenter, made under the water jets. Natalia showed its own version of erotic photography. Fans praised the singer for his courage and sense of humor.

Recently Ksenia Sobchak posted a video which tries to look sexy while in the shower. Thus, the presenter decided to make fun of ladies who specifically adopt unnatural positions in the frame to appear more attractive. According to the star, it looks not attractive and stupid.

“Dedicated to all erotic videos “under the shower”, “stone”, “slowly get out of the pool”, “drink water and splash” this summer”, – has signed the entry in the “Instrume” TV presenter.

Fans appreciated the sense of humor of Xenia, simultaneously noting that it is in excellent physical shape. Star poses for the camera in a black bikini that perfectly highlights her figure.

Apparently, the movie came to taste not only the fans Sobchak, but her friend Natalia Ionova, known as the singer Glyukoza. The singer decided to show you how to move, to look very attractive even in the shower.

“Honey, sorry, couldn’t resist. Actually, it’s all about the operator”, – has signed a video of the ions.

Master-class of Natalia also came to the fans liking. They admitted that the singer looks much sexier Xenia and excellent dancing. By the way, the author of the video was her husband artist Alexander Chistyakov. Ionova has repeatedly stressed that the husband influenced the change in her style. Thanks to the support of the beloved Glucose was able to transform from a Tomboy into a real sex symbol.

Some fans have even come to the conclusion that the ions are specifically made fun of the presenter. “Xenia refers to himself ironically, and Natalia can only that to show a body Figure, of course, wonderful, but Sobchak, that had to hurt”, “I like both. I think they both look great, and sense of humor are not deprived”, – shared his opinion of the followers of the stars.

Despite the controversy on the Network, most fans believe that the master class Natalia will not affect the friendship of two celebrities.

Fans of Glucose have long been accustomed to the fact that she posts very candid shots. At social events the star also prefers to appear in ultra sexy images. Ksenia Sobchak, by contrast, prefers a discreet, but stylish highlighted images and photo in swimsuit in her Instagram and all are rare.

Now she rests in Europe with her husband. The star couple rented the yacht. They are happy to share solar pictures, showing the family idyll.