Принц Гарри покажет своей избраннице «восьмое чудо света»
Bookmakers take bets on where and when the wedding will take place at Harry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, who is now
time completes its journey in Africa with his beloved Megan Markle, chose
a very spectacular item to complete their voyage. It is reported that the Prince with his beloved
visit the famous Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river, which is sometimes called the “eighth
wonder of the world”.

As planned, the lovers
will make over a waterfall helicopter ride to enjoy top grandeur
an incredible spectacle to watch the water flow with a width of almost 2
kilometer falls with 120-meter height.

Harry and Megan, who started their journey at
Africa at the beginning of August celebration
her 36th birthday, which they marked a barbecue on the nature (on the farm in Botswana) in the company of friends, the journey which in
Africa paid Harry. And then the Prince with his beloved set off in
swimming in the Okavango Delta — the famous reserve. They spent the night under
stars, and in the afternoon traveled in a special Canoeing local manufacturing, which is here
called “mokoro”. Harry Markle enough to see elephants, hippos, antelopes,
crocodiles and other inhabitants of the reserve.

We will remind, it was expected that in
time of voyage in Africa, Harry, following the example of his older brother William
trained in his time with Catherine during the hottest train on the continent, too
will make a formal proposal to your beloved. And although it is not known for sure
fulfilled those expectations or not, the British bookmakers have already started taking
betting on the where and when of their wedding. Many believe that the engagement
still held, just announced that it will be later. After all, that was
once the events surrounding the betrothal of William: the message that Catherine was
his bride was made only a month after his return from Africa. To
also, now’s not the time for celebration – 31 August
exactly 20 years from the moment that killed the beloved mother of princes Harry and William
– Princess Diana.