Glyuk оZa revealed the secret of her happy marriage

Глюк'оZa раскрыла секрет своего счастливого брака
Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova told about their happiness.

Photo: Instagram

Glyuk оZa married Alexander Chistyakov in 2006. Last year they celebrated the first major anniversary of their family life and even received a prestigious award as “couple of decades”. None of the interviews is not without question Natasha: what is the secret of her successful marriage. This time the singer was clearly articulated by indicating that marital happiness rests on “three pillars”.

“From childhood hearing the phrase “Ask about the age — inappropriate” is, well, bad tone, — says Natalya. — I think the number in the passport do not have to deal and, especially, to become complex. Lauren Hutton at 73 on the cover of Vogue Italian, and the girl 74-year-old Mick Jagger for 22 years. Wow! I think, it is not surprising that our difference with husband age of 13. And this, I tell you, perfect! My endless energy and gentleness, his wisdom and determination are the three (really, four?) pillars on which rests our marriage. I’m sure age dutifully all: love, beauty, and happiness, and craziness. The point here is that you radiate! Everything is always drawn to the light!”

By the way, another very popular topic, which is of concern to absolutely all fans of Gluk’oza, as her husband refers to her candid photo shoots. Recently, the singer clarified this issue by publishing the direct speech of the husband in his personal blog:

“I believe that the naked body can be shown gently, with meaning, as an element of art, especially the girl with another creative profession and it is not a model. When this is so, so beautiful, it is quite appropriate. Artists knowingly wrote so many beautiful naked women. Comments from the sofa I am interested in only for the understanding of the character and mood of the audience, because the wife of such a profession. Themselves negative reviews often just the result of a lack of interesting life of the commentator”.