Leonid Agutin showed photos of his wife without makeup

Леонид Агутин показал фото жены без макияжа
The couple toured America.

Photo: Instagram

Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin went on a tour of the United States. Singers to give as much as 9 concerts in different cities and States. A busy schedule of performances almost every day, and Leonid still need to go on a trip to Moscow to take part in the filming of the show “the Voice” on channel one.

But the couple still find time to stroll through the pretty towns in between rehearsals and performances. Before the concert in Boston, the first city of their American tour, Leonid and Maria (so actually called singer) completely froze. Even though they brought warm jackets and hats, but still did not expect can be so cold in this green and Sunny city. The temperature in November, there is held around zero, plus or minus a few degrees.

Varum tries out performances and social events not to abuse the makeup, so to walk, even without makeup. She did not expect that the treacherous Leonid decides to share their family selfie with the world. However, the shy singer nothing. At 48, she looks barely 35.