Глюк’оZа раззадорила поклонников эротическим снимком The actress shared a racy photo taken in the spring of this year. Young woman admitted that she misses her vacation in warm countries and is looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Spicy photo stars caused heated discussions among its subscribers.

      Fans of the singer Gluk’oza used to the fact that their favorite regular posting explicit pictures on social networks. The actress is in great shape and never misses a chance to demonstrate it to others. Despite the fact that some fans criticized the star for erotic publications, she doesn’t pay any attention to their comments. Recently a young woman posted the racy picture taken during her trip to the Maldives. The celebrity admitted that he misses the rest.

      Glyuk’oza: “vacation my husband and I took the nurse costume”

      “Today I dreamed of the sea. Obsession now. And every degree down a desire to be on the beach without warm tights, wearing under jeans, much more tangible. I think many will understand. Counting the days until the Christmas holidays…” – shared the actress.

      Fans of the actress found that the photo Gluk’oza turned out just stunning, and she has once again confirmed its status as a sex symbol. “Super figure”, “Very sexy picture”, “So beautiful. Always respected”, “Natasha, you look great. Looking at you, too, want the sea until the spring. But alas, winter has me locked in the village where the snow and the frost”, “Gorgeous”, “Perfect woman”, “the brightest star in the sky”, “Fire”, “Just lovely”, – discussed the singer’s fans.

      At the same time, other subscribers of the actress accused her excessive frankness. According to them, Gluk’oza spouse would not approve of her photo shoot. They also protested the fact that the mother of two daughters allow themselves to posting erotic pictures in the microblog. According to this part of followers of the star, such publications can easily see children. “You look beautiful, but where is the sense of proportion”, “don’t know what to show,” – commented on them. And one of the users of social networks seemed that the young woman Anastasia Volochkova copies, which is regularly divided in Instagram piquant publications.

      You’re a mother: the star, which is blamed for the sexuality

      Earlier, the star posted a provocative image of the Maldives this spring. Then Gluk’oza vacationing overseas together with her husband Alexander Chistyakov, and friends Ksenia Sobchak and Olga Ryzhkova. Even while on vacation, the girls continued to watch their figures. Every day they practiced various postures, standing on their heads and practiced stretching.