Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле» The actor said that for him may be offended baby Fedor. Chadov shared with “StarHit” the most important and happy moments that he spent with the heir and explained why the boy sometimes he brings up.

      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»

      To see how Alexei Chadov saves a girl from suicide and then gives her a passionate kiss, priceless. Alex played a major role in the music video of singer Natalia Gordienko, who repeated the story of the film “You at me one”. In between takes, the actor drank raspberry tea and discussed with the correspondent of “StarHit” plans for the future, the crisis and new business.

      You now have 22 hours worked. With this schedule, it must be hard to find time for friends and family…
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»As it turns out. Thank God! Not to say that the time is right for all. But the main thing is sure – the time to deal with son. (After the divorce of Alex with actress Agnia Ditkovskite boy lives 15 days with mother and 15 days with dad. – Approx. ed.) don’t know what happens in the future. Now helping mom – his grandmother. It is important for me to stand with Fedor were relatives: grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom and dad.
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»
      In your “Instagram” I met several times photo from the Church. Take seriously the spiritual education?
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»I was baptized later, in five years. After mom turned, went to the temple on Orthodox holidays. And now with Fedor.—
      He and all service stuff?
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»When I was smaller, hands sat during worship. And now knows where the children’s room at Church. Dad candle and put directly to the machines. When it comes to my house first icon kisses. I think this is correct, children should be taught that and spiritual culture.
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»
      And what the son taught you?
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»To spend less iPhone. When she sees it in my hands, then said: “the Phone no-no”. He does not like. That has in his pocket to hide or sneak to do.—
      And what, in his opinion, should do dad?
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»Cartoons to watch! And with elite club that cares only Soviet. For example in the car requests that “the Bremen town musicians”, it’s probably a thousand times they were revised. But reading is not much we rejoice. But sing songs.—
      Fedor’s a very stylish guy…
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»The clothes we select him in unison. If somewhere to go, they dress up. And so, to walk – to buy clothes rather practical. His mother constantly puts in the “Instagram” of various images. But I, of course, on the face control stand!

      The crisis in the country. Still trying to find a part time job. You also have projects that are not related to acting?
      Алексей Чадов: «У сына стою на фейсконтроле»I try to approve themselves financially to be independent from the profession. Although I will tell you so loudly, but frankly, from creative activities is not going anywhere. Without this I simply can not live. I recently went into business with friends, we opened a cafe “Danilov Yard” near the center of Moscow. It serves the Orthodox food, it is cooked by the servants of the Church, it is sanctified. Use proven fresh food, all healthy. A wide range of vegetarian menu. Our plan is to make Orthodox the network. Already received the blessing from the priest. Planned many programs: various children’s clubs, lights – all will be associated with the Church and holidays of the Orthodox calendar. So come visit us!—
      Agreed. In General, it is a profitable business?
      We believe in this project. Yes, it is not simple , but ideologically very interesting . Most importantly, the spiritual. When my son was born I wondered what I eat, what I eat , and that will eat my children. Was this serious. Our food it is natural and we have a large range of vegetarian menu which would help people to join the culture post.