Павел Табаков отказывается жениться на избраннице The young actor is in no hurry to propose to Mary St. Thomas. The couple manages to work together and to live in the same apartment. Paul admitted that, despite their perfect relationship, to create a family he has no plans.

      Young Russian actors Pavel Tabakov and Maria Fomina is considered one of the most beautiful pairs of domestic show-business. The heir to the famous continutiy debuted this season in the vibrant and historic film “Duelist”. Beloved Paul appeared along with him staged by Konstantin Bogomolov, “the Year I was born.” Many are impressed by the harmony of their relationship, and rumor has it that very soon the couple will travel to the registry office to register the marriage. However, Tabakov says that he does not want such development of the situation. Besides, parents don’t force them to take such serious steps, even though the lovers live about a year together.

      “I’m not going to quit his career and marry ,as is now fashionable. People need to get used, to understand what qualities will begin to emerge next year,” – said the star of “Duelist”.

      Pavel admits that he admires the natural qualities of Mary. In turn, Fomin acknowledges that it does not irritate the presence of Tabakov with her, because he is never jealous and does not infringe on her freedom. The girl loves spending time in the company of male friends what her boyfriend is understanding.

      “Mary is very sincere – for the actors it’s a rare quality. She says what she thinks and is not afraid to tell the truth. It has no desire to maintain good relations. And it’s catchy. Therefore, we choose a certain number of people their company”, – said Tabakov.

      Fomina happy in a relationship with Paul. As recognized by a striking blonde, and he amazingly takes care of her: always candles and often buys things that loved the girl. However, according to Oleg Tabakov, he did not depend financially from their parents, as he works a lot and gets fees for shooting.

      “I can assume the Golden youth, major, something, but I have no car, separate apartment, I was given by mum and dad. There is much that, in theory, should be the son of wealthy parents. I have not earned. And understand that I do not need it now,” explained Paul in an interview with “Hello”.