Глеб Матвейчук укрепляет отношения с новой избранницей Couple enjoying holiday in Bulgaria. Gleb Matveychuk not so long ago ceased to conceal an affair with the actress Elena Glazkova. Lovers actively publish in the microblogging photo, to prove their feelings.

One of the participants of the First channel show “Three chords,” the singer Gleb Matveichuk and his fiancee, actress Elena Glazkova has made himself a romantic vacation. The pair rushed to the shores of the Black sea in Bulgaria. Gleb and Elena did not spend so much time on the beach, preferring active holidays, tours and photo shoots.

In microblogs and Gleb, and his lady a lot of pictures proving that the journey through this southern country gives them a lot of fun. Apparently, Gleb Matveichuk and Elena Glazkova just in awe of the beauty, the sea and beautiful weather, which is these days in Bulgaria. On all pictures lovers look absolutely inspired and happy.

“In the valley of roses the smell of roses and lavender everywhere. You can drink rose tea with jam of roses and eat a croissant stuffed with roses. In short, everywhere roses”, signed photograph taken during one of the excursions, Gleb Matveichuk.

Fans of couples admit that they are happy for the lovers. “Oh, how nice to see you together! May God give you the most pleasant days and feelings during the holidays!”, “You! Just want to hug and kiss with joy….”, – comment on members photos of Gleb and Elena.

By the way, girls Matveychuk pictures from Bulgaria to microblog immeasurably greater than himself. Elena willingly posing in a swimsuit, showing off her slender figure. In her microblog photo on the background of the lavender fields and the fields from which the removed bread. They dazzle with their beauty. It is obvious that the author of the Gleb Matveichuk – a true master of photography.

Recall that last year Gleb Matveichuk divorced with Anastasia Makeeva. In this regard, the fans were regularly attributed to him new. So, at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in the summer of 2016 Gleb paid much attention to Opera singer Ksenia Dejavou, and in the autumn of last year, Instagram of the singer began to appear pictures of Elena Glazkova.

Gleb Matveychuk and Anastasia Makeeva decided to divorce after seven years of marriage. The news came as a surprise to many fans of the star couple. In one of his social networking Makeeva thanked the Matveychuk for the time spent together. Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”