Анна Калашникова потеряла ребенка At celebrity life was a real tragedy. Close Anna Kalashnikova trying to distract her and get to think about the bad. “StarHit” found out the details of the incident.
Анна Калашникова потеряла ребенка

In late may, the singer and actress announced the happy news that soon will become a mother for the second time. Fans congratulated Anna and her lover, a businessman, commented on each new picture in social networks. Have noticed how rounded her tummy. However, having seen photos from filming of clip Kalashnikova, which took place last week, raised the alarm. Because now the girl was supposed to be already at the fifth month of pregnancy, and the figure will not tell…

Анна Калашникова потеряла ребенка“I have no strength and desire to discuss this topic. Hurt,” answered “StarHit” Anna Kalashnikova.

A girl always close, friends who are ready to help at any moment, to be there not only in joy but in sorrow. “StarHit” able to communicate with the nearest environment Kalashnikova and find out what happened.

“Yes, Ana really really sick right now – admitted “StarHit” the model and designer Maria Pogrebnyak. – She kept trying with nothing to show, because a very strong girl. A lot of work, to take.

Insanely hard to talk about it, but it turned out that Anna lost the baby. This happened a few weeks ago all of a sudden. I won’t go into details, but I will in this condition not seen… Saves only son Danya – mother’s joy. He feels everything! When she sees mommy sad, runs up and hugs her with all his strength. Hopefully all will be well and she will cope with this challenge. We will not leave”.

The beloved celebrity as she was preparing for baby’s arrival. Not so long ago the man made Ana a Royal gift — luxury living in a luxury complex, it would be cozy of their family. Beloved Anna Kalashnikova gave her apartment for 40 million

Анна Калашникова потеряла ребенка