Irina Miroshnichenko will celebrate the anniversary on stage

Ирина Мирошниченко отметит юбилей на сцене
The actress is waiting for all friends and fans on 27 July at the Theatre of Hope Babkina “Russian song”.

In the play Mat “My dear Matilda”

Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Today, a popular Soviet and Russian actress of theater and cinema, people’s artist of Russia Irina Miroshnichenko’s birthday.

a recent interview with the magazine “Seven days,” Irina said: “Although I was born on the 24th of July, truly I note your anniversary in three days
later. 27 July I’m waiting for all the friends and fans at the Theatre of Hope
Babkina “Russian song”, which will be my anniversary evening. For me
it is not only your favorite audience, but the story of his life and
profession, about theatre, about cinema… And, of course, the performance of mental
romantic songs. Come, I’ll be glad to see everyone!”

The team
the magazine “Seven days” from the heart congratulates you a happy birthday day
birth. And wishes her health, love and fulfillment of the most cherished