Антон Беляев был шокирован родами жены On the days of the son of the soloist of the band Therr Maitz Simon is two months old. As admitted Anton Belyaev, he kept Julia in the time of the appearance of the baby. He was very scared for her, as she cried out in pain.
Антон Беляев был шокирован родами жены

Anton and Yulia Belyaeva became parents in late may. They did not hide the small Seeds, but rather, whenever possible, shared with fans of the band Therr Maitz images with the heir. The boy even made a profile in Instagram. The pair did not hide the baby because they wanted to share their joy with the fans.

The musician was present at birth wife and was shocked by this process. As told Anton, he helped the wife to breathe correctly and soothed her. Julia gave birth without anesthesia, so the experienced severe pain.

“I was with Julia from the first fight and to “splash” the baby on the stomach. And thinking that will somehow better understand the woman. But now I still don’t know how you do it. Absolutely monstrous process from my point of view, inhumane flour,” said Anton.

As told by the young father, after the son born, he became much more cautious. Belyaev is going through that with the child something happens.

“In my mind constantly flashed pictures as I go with him on the stairs e and suddenly I slip. Inside me continuously is such a horror that I’m an awkward pig that did something to that little gingerbread man”, – says the soloist Therr Maitz.

Besides, the young dad didn’t know how to behave with the baby when he had to change his nappy. He was afraid to hurt the baby.

“I was supposed to undress, wash, put on a diaper. And I was terrified – I took the clothes from him, and it seemed to me that now he is to master hand. Or is it fingers-the strings… I stripped it and think, “Ah, now I prikolno. Probably there in the sleeve is already a bloody mess…”, with humor said Anton.

At the moment the couple live out of town, as they decided that the child will grow better outdoors and fresh air than in the city. Belyaev rented a house that fully meets their requests.

“I do not like Moscow from the point of view of ecology. At the same time work hard to move very much outside the city… and of course, the little people, like Simon, must be in a supportive environment”, – explained Anton in an interview with “Hello!”.

Motherhood did not prevent Yulia to do the business. He recalled how beloved artist, just a few hours it began to trouble calls. She makes every effort to promote the creativity of a spouse. Belyaev grateful to the Duchess for her support.