Girls of marriageable age: the popularity and the well-being star heiresses

Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц “StarHit” tells about the girls from influential families who are already in their Teens build their own career on the catwalk, stage or in movies.In the compilation of “Stargate” the most successful and beautiful heiress of States that prefer to make themselves.

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      It would seem that the girls of stellar families is all about what can only dream of. They could safely enjoy the comfortable life they provided famous and rich parents. However, the young beauty eager to fight, wanting to prove to everyone that from mom and dad because they took great genes, and the rest – money, fame, success and recognition – may well achieve themselves. And achieve!

      Alexander Strizhenova

      The daughter of TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenovoj and Director Alexander Strizhenova

      Clever and beautiful Alexander Strizhenova studying in an elite school on Rublevsky highway. Sasha sings and dances, plays sports and is interested in fashion on her page on Instagram to find a picture of himself with Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel brand. Dress and jewelry from this fashion house Sasha shone last year on the debutante Ball.

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      Despite her young age, 15-year-old Alexandra has already managed to star in a movie, to play a major role in the musical “the Sound of music” and even become the leading programs about animals. In between work and school the girl often visits her older sister in new York, where Anastasia Strizhenova lives with her husband. In Moscow, the young star lives with her parents in a spacious house in the exclusive village.

      Okay Alexandra, and on the personal front. The heiress to the famous surname was Dating a guy from his same school, 17-year-old Anton Curiculum. The relationship among young people is quite serious, Sasha and her boyfriend are planning a future together, as friends and relatives call them “the newlyweds”.

      Anna Shulgina

      The daughter of singer Valerie and producer Alexander Shulgin

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      22-year-old Anna Shulgin gradually gaining popularity on the Russian stage. The young artist previously participated in the popular project of the First channel “Exactly”, in pair with Alexey Vorobyov led television show, is now releasing new songs. In addition, she has a diploma as a theatre actress, plays on the stage and acted in music videos. Mother Anne singer Valeria and the girl’s stepfather Joseph Prigogine with both hands for being so active heiress. She even signed a creative contract with the stepfather, who is the producer, and receives a salary. However, Anya was making money from a young age.

      The girl never sat on a parent’s neck, moonlighting, led children’s parties. When he graduated from drama school, the fees received for performances , as well as work on television, was postponed several times – saving up for a house. And not so long ago moved from a stellar parent. However, they say some of the money for the purchase of housing Anna still added parents.

      Beauty and enviable bride Anna Shulgina is credited with many novels. The girl herself often in interviews emphasis on the fact that they are not ready to talk about everything interesting to the public. At the end of last year, Valeria’s daughter reported that he had found his man. Rumor has it that young people even live together, but Anna herself these conjectures has not yet commented.

      Ales Kafelnikov

      The daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      17-year-old heiress of the most titled tennis player of Russia Yevgeny Kafelnikov Ales confidently conquer the catwalks of the best modeling agencies in the world, being very popular young model. On account of the beauty of dozens of promotional photo shoots and participations in fashion shows. Ales earns a lot of money. In one of the social networks she admitted that only pocket money spends about 70 thousand rubles a month.

      Famous dad spoils beloved daughter, and rumor has it that he has promised to give it to the majority of the “Porshe Panamera” for 9 million. And while Les goes to Moscow for “Porsche Cayenne” with an experienced driver. Regarding property, Kafelnikov, according to some, luxury apartments with underground Parking lot in downtown Moscow, a mansion in Switzerland, an apartment and a house on the beach in Sochi.

      The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with loved ones, tears, alcohol, clubs

      Until recently, Instagram Kafelnikov often appeared very romantic photo with her boyfriend, the son of a famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov Nikita. But beloved broke up, and now, according to her friends Alessi, her heart freely, and your mind plans about moving to London, where model Agency, which has long worked starlet.

      Sonia Kiperman

      The daughter of singer Vera Brezhneva

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      14-year-old Sonia Kiperman confidently conquers the world of fashion. The young diva, as two peas similar to his famous mother, takes part in photo shoots for prestigious fashion magazines, surely defile on podiums in Russia and overseas.

      Not so long ago Sonia shone at the fashion show by Ukrainian designer Anna Karenina in new York, becoming the face of fashion brand. That this girl has a really good pace on the runway, do not hesitate to dozens of cameras and hundreds of attentive eyes, could see the capital and the public – at fashion week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. In addition, the daughter of the famous singer took part in the fashion show of autumn-winter collection BELLA POTEMKINA as a guest star. Girl does not hide that the famous Vera Brezhnev mother gives her advice how to behave, as well as simply supports their beloved daughter.

      For Sony Kiperman important to the success she achieved on my own without using the name and fame of its parent. For example, on display in new York she got, putting your own effort is Sonia herself contacted the designer and offered his candidacy.

      It is obvious that Sonia will soon be among the most enviable brides of the country, because now the blonde beauty is a whole army of fans on social networks. In the fall of Vera Brezhnev said that her daughter appeared cavalier. The guy took Sonia in the movie, but this first novel details aspiring models are exhausted.

      Anna Zavorotnyuk

      The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      Just a few years ago about Anna Zavorotnyuk was not known almost nothing. In 2012, impressing everyone around with its beauty, Anna the hurricane broke into the world of Russian show business, surpassing in the starry Olympus, his mother, “beautiful nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

      Debuted beauty in the popular series “Closed school”, having the role without audition. Her appearance on the screens caused a furor, further strengthening the position of the young diva. The army of fans of the young maiden grew, and for the first major display of work immediately followed by another. In the beginning of 2012 on the TV channel “Home” has released a new show – “Get star”. Leading the project was assigned to Anna.

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      After school Anna Zavorotnyuk he joined the Department of management, faculty “Higher school of modern social Sciences”, Moscow state University, but the lectures and seminars have been rare. The first course graduated with threes, and the second completely filled up the session. If she continues studying in a Russian University, not known. Now 20-year-old Anna has positioned itself as a model, travels a lot and is more often abroad than in Russia.

      Beauty was never deprived of male attention. Anna Zavorotnyuk was having an affair with the singer Yegor Creed, however, he lasted long. Leaving after the break with a singer overseas, in America, Anna found a new love. Relationship with the son of Latvian millionaire Chechen origin Bislan Abdulmuslimov Mansour Zavorotniuk made public. She gladly shared her happiness with followers “Instaram” until December of last year. Alas, this romance was doomed. In the beginning of the year, Anna has returned to Russia to heal the wounds.

      Alexander Zhulin

      Daughter figure skater Tatiana skill sets, and coach Alexander Zhulin

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      Daughter Tatiana skill sets from the marriage with Alexander Zhulin growing versatile girl. To 15 years, Alexander has already achieved some success in sport, however, she chose figure skating as her parents, and tennis. The girl regularly participates in competitions and wins. Workouts take up to twelve hours a day, even on a weekend Sasha goes to court, and allows himself to relax only in the holidays. But, it seems the young diva does not want to anything compared to her famous parents, and in parallel with the sporting career of singing began to build.

      In September last year under the pseudonym of Alexis, she presented the debut song “Going to dance”. Premiere of the composition took place in early August at a family celebration. She appeared on stage in overalls original breed ograve back. She was accompanied by several dancers. Alexander spoke confidently, as if she appeared on the stage since childhood. The song is enthusiastically received by the listeners of “Russian radio”. Alexis pushed in the hit parade of the Queen Natasha. And just in March of this year, Sasha presented her new single “I breathe”.

      Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov: the wedding took place. PHOTO

      Parents the success of his young proud and pamper daughter. Pope Alexander Zhulin never denies Sasha’s new clothes, and my mother Tatiana Navka as a surprise fifteenth birthday gave her daughter a trip to Venice, about which she had dreamed. In “Instagram” budding girls photo reports about a recent vacation on exotic Islands, walks around Paris. But the cavalier Alexandra Galinou, apparently, don’t have that potential suitors have all chances to win the heart of the young beauty.

      Stefania Malikov

      The daughter of singer and composer Dmitry Malikov

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      Stefania Malikov, which in February of this year 16 years old, has long been overtaken by popularity of his dad, the famous singer and composer Dmitry Malikov. At least in the Network: “Instagram” Stefania signed by more than 220 thousand people who do not want to miss a single moment from your busy life starlet. Young beauty belongs to a famous Russian star clan, is the owner of three-room apartment in the center of Moscow, which a year ago her parents gave, often resting in the best hotels abroad, things dressed in expensive brands, but it is characterized by extreme modesty and good breeding.

      Stefania Malikov participates in fashion shows, became the face of the capsule collection by Igor Chapurin for Barbie brand, a year ago her photos, admired the readers of the magazine Teen Vogue. But all this young lady is nothing more than a hobby. My daughter Dmitry Malikov more serious plans.

      The schoolgirl of the 10th class of elite suburban high school “Zhukovka” prefers the Humanities. She is passionate about classic literature, foreign languages, history and politics. Makes girl and first steps in show business: together with Yuri Kisileva, who performs under the pseudonym Urkis, Stesha recorded the song “do Not hurry us to marry”, the Duo presented the song during the award ceremony “Golden gramophone”. By the way, Stesha and Urkizu a year ago was attributed to a romantic relationship. The answer to gossip and became their joint song. Judging by recent posts Stephanie in her Instagram, the girl is in love. However, the name of their partner it does not reveal.

      Juliana Dobrowsky

      The daughter of the actress and Director Renata Litvinova

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      14-year-old Juliana Dabrowska very similar style and aristocratic charm to his famous mother Renata Litvinova. The girl was first published when she was twelve years old. The starlet, who inherited the unique beauty of the maternal line, immediately drew the attention of professionals, and Juliana almost immediately received an invitation to participate in professional photo shoots and fashion shows. To feel more confident, she took a course in the model school.

      Juliana lives and studies in France at the prestigious École des Roches, knows four languages – Russian, English, French and Spanish, is the captain of the school Rugby teams. To be closer to her successor, Renata Litvinova bought in Paris apartments. However, the mother moved to her daughter not for her to indulge, on the contrary – that did not relax. In addition to studying at school, Genevieve in films. Mom. Last year, Litvinova took my daughter to one of the main roles in the art film “the Case of Mrs. K. in Madrid”. A little later the little girl again received the proposal and again from my mother – this time she plays in her novelette, “Joseph’s Dreams”, dedicated to the poet Joseph Brodsky.

      Herself carefully concealing personal life from prying eyes, trains to that Litvinova Uliana and. It is obvious that the attention of a young beauty making many, but it’s about his Affairs of the heart prefers not to tell.

      Sonia Evdokimenko

      Granddaughter of singer Sofia Rotaru

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      The successor of the famous actress Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko at the end of may it will be exactly fifteen years old, and the girl could be called a socialite. From an early age she began to appear at social events, at twelve had his own column in one of the online portals, speaking on the topic of fashion and style. Becoming a little older began to receive invitations to participate in different shootings for magazines and fashion brands. Not so long ago granddaughter Sofia Rotaru became the face of a Ukrainian company that produces clothing. Sonya well earns and helps his family financially. At the annual debutante Ball Sonia Evdokimenko has made a lasting impression with its beauty and grace. Press calls the girl a future star of the modeling business and read her wonderful perspective in this area.

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      However, the granddaughter Sofia Rotaru carries not only the industry of fashion and beauty. The successor of the well-known family engaged in acting and singing, horse riding and surfing. Sonia loves the design and its assets already have sketches they have invented dresses. Missing the beauty of time and to teach English and French at the international school in Kiev, and travel on vacation. In short, she is versatile. And while it remains to be seen what role in the end realizes himself, this young beauty, and one of the men gets happy with their beauty and talents.

      Anna Tabakova

      The daughter of restaurateur Anton Tabakov and TV presenter Anastasiya Chukhray

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      In dynasty Tabakovich lit another star: 16-year-old Anna, the granddaughter of the famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov, the daughter of Anton Tabakov, Anastasiya Chukhray, maturing and getting better every day. The owner of the loud family, bright appearance and model parameters have not yet managed to achieve success in any professional field, but has already debuted in the light and attracted attention.

      Anna Tabakova most of his time in London, where he attends a prestigious private school for girls St Mary’s Calne with age-old traditions. Moscow is rare, and after graduation wants to stay in England, however the girl profession has not yet decided. In the sphere of her interests in design and journalism, the parents advise her to obtain economic or legal education, friends believe that Anna is sure to become an actress.

      As it turned out, deserve the attention of this beauty of the opposite sex is not so simple. Tabakovi should not care with luxurious bouquets of flowers – she’s allergic, but because it is necessary to look for a special approach. Anna did not just accept that they are not prepared to increased attention to his own person, and in a while even removed all their pages in social networks. “Here I can in full voice to declare itself, and then let the reading,” says of his decision Tabakov.


      The daughter of TV presenter Yulia BORDOVSKIKH

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      16-year-old Maria BORDOVSKIKH from an early age engaged in sports – swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. The girl’s mother, the TV presenter and former athlete Yulia Bordovskih argued that all it need its successor is not to win, but to keep in shape. And I must say, the form in Marousi failed! And now, the famous mom is happy to share the success model of career Marousi in social networks and endorses the choice of his daughter. In fact, she first put her hand on the podium within BOSCOFASHIONWEEK. The girl has managed to participate in the filming of not only Russian but also foreign designers and became even Burberry. Blonde beauty goes hard to the goal, which it has adopted its own building a successful career.

      By the way, Marusia sings very well. Classes on acting in the theater “Practice” Marusya enthusiastic vocals, and even removed in 2013 their first video for the cover version of Rihanna’s hit song Stay (Rihanna and Marilyn Monroe – favorite girl singer). Maria BORDOVSKIKH now lives between Moscow and Miami, the ocean, the girl’s parents has a luxury property.

      It is said that in his time the beautiful Marusya had a crush on her classmate from the private school on the ruble Deni Baisarov, son of singer Kristina Orbakaite. If now the heart of a young model, is unknown.

      Melania Kondrahina

      The daughter of TV presenter and businesswoman Tina Kandelaki

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      16-year-old daughter of Tina Kandelaki Melania Kondrahina, perhaps the most closed of the known heirs of our country. She has been strictly forbidden my mother to publish her photos in Instagram and anything to tell about her life. This option Melania took over. However, judging by her blog, daughter of the celebrity leads a normal teenage life: school, party, outing with friends.

      However, last year Melania Kondrahina yet appeared in public. Star mom, obviously, having first gained the consent of his daughter, gave the nod for her part in the debutantes Ball. Photo of Melania, made on the eve of a loud social events, Tina Kandelaki was published in “Instagram” and it created a furor. Fans of teledive who saw Melanie’s only child at the transfer of “Most intelligent”, which once led Kandelaki, noted that the girl was incredibly pretty and cute creature turned into a charming girl and a real enviable bride.

      Pauline Vitorgan

      The daughter of actor Maxim Vitorgan

      Девушки на выданье: популярность и благосостояние звездных наследниц

      Clever and beautiful 19-year-old Pauline Vitorgan – known representative in Russia of an acting dynasty, didn’t argue with genes, and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandparents. Now Polina is a third-year GITIS, and its assets already have roles in the film Valeria Gai Germanicus “courtship dances”, the series “May tape” and “Diary of Dr. Zaitseva”. Famous father, Maxim Vitorgan, of course, proud of the daughter who became the worthy continuer of the acting clan VETERANOV. Anyone who has seen Pauline immediately notice its unique appearance – she has a piercing gaze and very interesting features.

      During the past summer holidays Pauline not rested, and studied in the USA at the New York Film Acаdemy – leading educational institution that prepares specialists in the sphere of cinema. Prestigious and very expensive courses, the ocean, the girl paid for her dad, who is more than ready to contribute to professional development of its heiress. By the way, in a foreign country she was not alone – the representative of the acting dynasty flew with his beloved Hattie Draught, whom he met in GITIS.

      Danae Prigogine

      The daughter of producer Joseph Prigogine

      Daughter of Joseph Prigogine from his first marriage Danae almost to the age grew the infantile girl, along with her mother and brother living on the money that they gave his father. Iosif Prigozhin after his divorce from his wife completely satisfied by his successors, bought everyone in the apartment in the center of Moscow. It would seem that Dane not necessarily had something to prove to anyone.

      But after a public quarrel with a stellar dad loud and reconciliation with him, she understood that should operate itself. She graduated from the school of stylists “Persona”, got a diploma of make-up artist and manicurist. He entered the international Institute of Economics and law, started to figure the girl took part in the project “grow Thin with “Starita” and dropped ten pounds. Not so long ago, Danae tried myself as a model “Plus-size”, starring in advertisements for the famous brand.

      Daughter of Joseph Prigogine about family conflict: “Nobody’s fault that it happened”

      Acquiring self-confidence, Danae Prigogine, which in early March had turned 19, he decided to speak out about the beauty contest “Miss Russia”. To participate, you do not need to have model parameters and to sit on diets. The finals will take place in may, and now Danae is actively preparing for the catwalk in swimsuit. She will take part in this creative competition, specially for which the recording of a song. In short, she intends to show his talent and prove he can win the audience and as a completely separate unit. Iosif Prigozhin such changes in the consciousness of his own heiress very happy and strongly supports her daughter in her pursuit of success. The heart of this enviable bride is not free. “Here words are not necessary. My everything” – had signed a joint with a young man the photo in the microblog Danae Prigogine.

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