Cameron Diaz suffers from amnesia

Кэмерон Диаз страдает амнезией
The star does not remember the names of their lovers.

Кэмерон Диаз страдает амнезией

Cameron Diaz


During a recent show on one of the channels
American radio presenter started asking Cameron Diaz about her ex
Boyfriends. Indeed, in the past, before in January last year, she became
the wife of musician Benji Madden, she had many Boyfriends. So, Diaz
met with actors Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper and Keanu Reeves .
Made love with the singer Justin Timbelake and rapper Sean Combs. Was desperately in love with
handsome Floor Sculfor, lived in the modeling business. And even as all
thought seriously wanted to marry the athlete is Alex Rodriguez…

But hearing the question leading, Diaz responded as follows,
what surprised everyone: “I don’t remember anything, even their names. For me now nothing
matter, except my marriage. Everything else seems a waste
the time and effort. My relationship with my husband is the only really important
thing in my life. I’m loyal to the person with whom you want to live your life. Here
what real love is!” — said the actress.

Looks like Cameron really madly in love with
his balding, short, not too slim, but, moreover, and tattooed
spouse. The actress says: she realized that Benji would become her husband in the same
second time I saw him. Him and Diaz has dedicated his new, second book, “the Longevity Book”. “Before I met you I didn’t know what love is. And
as soon as I was able to live without you… Thank you because you became my
best friend, a mentor, partners in life!” — wrote a star in
the Preface to his new work. Diaz spends in the company of her husband almost all the time. And that is extremely upsetting to her fans, almost stopped acting. Anyway, for the last year on the screens released a single film with her participation, and about his future plans until the star starts talking.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Photo: Splash News/East news

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