Любимая девушка принца Гарри спала по бедности в своей машине
The way Meghan Markle to fame was long and difficult.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Photo: Instagram.com

As told
Meghan Markle, girlfriend of Prince Harry, in an interview with TV show Entertainment Tonight, the fate of spoiled her not always.
Before she became a TV star and then girlfriend’s younger brother
heir to the British throne, Megan has had a difficult time.

as many as 15 years of fighting for his place in show business. Her first role in one of the
episodes of “General hospital” she managed to get when the actress was
21, but only 30 (!) on account of her work in the series “Force majeure” has brought
her fame. Playing Rachel is the girlfriend of one of the main characters, she
finally, famous. But before that she sometimes had trouble making myself

In his
time, as confessed Megan, she was so embarrassed that he could not
afford even small repairs of your car, but from this car it
entirely dependent. “I’ve traveled it from one audition to the
another, hoping to get a new job. And since I didn’t have
money, I could not fix it long failed the door locks of my car (they
firmly stuck), I had to get out through the trunk and the same
way to get back… And when I came off the plate, I
had to tie her rope to the bumper!” he told Megan. Moreover, sometimes,
when she had very tight, she even slept in the car…

now the hard times are left for Markle in the past. It is so popular that
the producers of her “suits” are willing to do anything to keep Megan. But, as
claims one of friends Markle, seventh season, filming of which
to start in March, most likely, will be her last. Markle
confided to his friend that he was going to leave the show, the shooting of which
are in Canada to move to Britain to Harry, where she stops at his apartment at Kensington Palace.