Alexei Vorobyov apologized to ex-girlfriend after infidelity

Алексей Воробьев попросил прощения у бывшей девушки после измены The artist has made it clear that it is difficult to forget about the old relationship. Alexey Vorobyov more than a month ago found out about the betrayal of his beloved, and is still undergoing because of the breakup with her. The pain actor and musician throws in a public letter to the former passions.

      The second month fans of a famous actor and musician Alexei Vorobyov sympathize with a young person who experiences a personal drama. The actor spoke about the betrayal of his girlfriend, which became for him a real blow. Sparrows can’t forgive a lover, and chose to break off relations with her. Alexey Vorobyov was accused of betraying the soloist of the popular group

      But apparently, Alexey Vorobyov had cut to the quick. That star is difficult given the first months after the breakup, evidenced by his public message to ex-girlfriend, whom he loved.

      “I wanted this day to apologize to his ex – wrote Alexei Vorobyov in the microblog. – I’m sorry that I’m smarter than your new boyfriend. My knowledge and experience has always handcuff you in our conversations, and you had to agree with me. I’m sorry that I look better than him. Because you were always afraid that I’m hung, and I’m cheating on you, although I was faithful to you every moment.”

      It should be noted that members of the musician in different ways reacted to his revelation. Not everyone appreciated this gesture Alexei Vorobyov and was given to understand that he did not need to publish these lines. Many felt that the actor could not cope with the emotions hurt so much he did love.

      “It was unnecessary”, “a Hard. But honestly”, “don’t rough it?”, “Alex, no need to write in the whole country, you’re the best! If you know it. And about the old relationship it is better not to remember, she’s the kind of attention I didn’t deserve”, “it’s his page, his thoughts. Don’t like, walk away. Learn to live your life”, “Fine says. If someone knows how it is when you betray at the time, as you’re loyal only to her and would do anything for these relationships will understand the idea of this post”, – discuss the message of Alexey Vorobyov of his followers.

      Friends of the actor told reporters that he was really very hard to forget about the relationship for which he did a lot. Alex really did care for the girl, giving her flowers, executed any whims and taking time out between filming to come on a date with his beloved in the city where she was in the moment. It is noteworthy that for all the time Alexei Vorobyov has not announced the name of the girl had betrayed him. But the actor said that he had an affair with a member of the group “Dynamite” Diana.