Янина Студилина чуть не сошла с ума от разлуки с маленькой дочкой
The actress spoke about the difficulties of motherhood.

Yanina Studilina

Photo: @yanina_studilina Instagram

On the eve of New year in the family of Ioannina Studilina happened a great event: the actress was born a long-awaited daughter Anna. This baby is only a couple of months, and the actress is already forced to return from maternity leave. The star was offered to play in the new project. However, while a young mother doubts he’ll be able to permanently part with the tiny heir. Their experiences Studilina shared in social networks.

“I’m surprised myself… Like the birth of a child changes a person. Now every second thoughts are about it. Moms will understand! Went to the rehearsal of a new project for a few hours — and a little crazy is not gone… will Share the experience of how to stop worrying and go to work?” — asked Council of Ioannina. Subscribers actress tried morally to support it.

Meanwhile, the same question was asked recently, Victoria Daineko, which is also very hard going through even a short separation from my daughter.

At the same time, in the world of Russian show-business there are stars that do not experience difficulties with end of the maternity leave. Ksenia Sobchak, for example, began work just three weeks after giving birth. The presenter organized a food baby regardless of, home mom or not. Ksenia said that in the absence of Plato fed pre-frozen milk.