Girl Eugene papunaishvili met with his parents

Девушка Евгения Папунаишвили познакомилась с его родителями Beloved stars of dance is proud to be the chosen one. In recognition of Salima, she is happy for the choreographer and wishes him all the best. Close papunaishvili find the foreigner a very nice person and waiting for the son to delight their grandchildren.

      Девушка Евгения Папунаишвили познакомилась с его родителями

      Dancer of the international class and the choreographer Eugene papunaishvili a reputation of a Heartbreaker and womanizer. He attributed novels with partners, including Ksenia Sobchak and Alena Vodonaevoy. Eugene himself for a long time tried to hide from the public details of his personal life. Only last year he first talked about the beloved – Italian Salima, who works as a stylist-hairdresser. Recently papunaishvili became the guest of the program “Alone with all”, the air which told of his happiness. In addition, his beloved Saleem spoke frankly about the relationship with the dancer.

      Eugene papunaishvili overcomes himself in communion with the beloved

      “I wanted to meet with her because he is positive, very humane, kind, warm-hearted and open. It is so good that close to the Italians. Jack loves pasta, we often eat in the restaurant. And when we stay home, I cook him his favorite dish… I am very happy and very proud of him as a man. Know what work for him is not just a job but a passion. So I’m happy for him. I met his parents, they are wonderful people. I really love his family because they are the same as he is. Here I am a year. I’ve decided to extend your contract for two years for him. But we’ll see how it goes,” said the girl.
      Девушка Евгения Папунаишвили познакомилась с его родителями

      When Salim was talking about his significant other, Eugene couldn’t hold back emotions. Be even more disappointed when it was such a pleasant surprise and even sent the girl kisses. Apparently, young people are very happy.

      Papunaishvili did not hide that he is proud of his other half. “I see she was nervous and worried. This is a stunning man, absolutely sincere. It is one of the world’s best hairdressers,” he said. According to Eugene, the girl in huge delight from the Georgian cuisine, especially much she likes this dish as khachapuri.

      In the program also showed parents Eugene papunaishvili, who were satisfied with the beloved son. Now they are waiting for the choreographer to think about adding to the family. “Worried about Eugene, I want to spend time with their grandchildren. Now he has a girl there, Salim is very pleasant,” they shared.

      At the end of the program papunaishvili told about when he plans to become a father. Eugene frankly confessed that he loves children but would not like to happen in the future. He is sure that everything should go on as usual. “I’m a fanatical dad… I think it should not be deliberately or artificially. Of course, I want it to be once and for all. God forbid,” shared the choreographer.