Ex-Director of “Ural dumplings” on the court: “This is the classic argument of the team with producer”

Экс-директор «Уральских пельменей» о суде: «Это классический спор коллектива с продюсером» Today, a hearing was held. For six months, there are disputes about the trademark “Ural dumplings”. However, the former head of the team of comedians was not going to leave the logo itself, but was willing to give his former colleagues on demand.

      Экс-директор «Уральских пельменей» о суде: «Это классический спор коллектива с продюсером»

      At the end of 2015, there was a scandal between a member of the popular Comedy show “Ural dumplings” and their producer Sergei Nitievskiy. The team took the decision to change their leader. However, after this began a series of courts. Until today, the parties argued over the use of the trademark “Ural dumplings”.

      In the end, the Arbitration court of Moscow dismissed the claim of the opponents Natascha. In the opinion of the judges, comedians don’t need protection. As stated by Sergey, he was willing to voluntarily transfer the trademark “Ural dumplings”, but the creative team was looking forward to the proceedings before the court.

      “This case was about six meetings. But the verdict was always postponed. I don’t understand why they wanted to solve everything through lawyers, because no one was hurt. When I was reinstated as Director in the autumn of last year, I gave the team the right to use the trademark as text, and combined, for a nominal fee of one ruble. I’m not sure, but it seems they wanted to charge me some monetary compensation,” – said the “StarHit” Nitievskiy.
      Экс-директор «Уральских пельменей» о суде: «Это классический спор коллектива с продюсером»

      Now there are two organizations – Sergei directs the production Studio First Hand Media and comedians working in the “Creative Association “Ural dumplings”. A former producer of popular team believes that the issue they appealed for the plaintiffs is frivolous. At the hearing, attended only by the parties ‘ attorneys. Nitievskiy he does not understand why his former colleagues were necessary proceedings in court.

      “It seems to me that this is a classic argument that arises when you break up with the producer. Maybe now they will begin to use the trademark and earn,” says Sergey.

      Nitievskiy became part of the team of KVN “Ural pelmeni” 23 years ago. In 2009, the producer decided to found a TV show that is very popular with viewers to this day.

      Currently Sergey is fully engaged in the creation and promotion of their new projects. In this season viewers will see a new humorous program on one of the channels, where he also performs in the new role of the Director. A lot of time Nitievskiy pays and volunteer work: he is the chosen Ambassador of the Universiade 2019.