Gigi Hadid suffers from thyroid disease

Джиджи Хадид страдает от болезни щитовидной железы

21-year-old famous model Gigi Hadid admitted that her dramatic weight loss is not to blame diet and thyroid disease – Hashimoto’s disease. The model takes the treatment, but this is not enough – she continues to lose weight.

Fans of Gigi was unpleasantly surprised by her appearance during a recent show Victoria’s Secret, and even began to suspect strongly thin Hadid anorexia. I had a girl to make excuses and to talk about their condition.
“My metabolism has suffered greatly over the last year, I was diagnosed with chronic thyroid disease – Hashimoto’s disease. I have two years to fight with him, and I also want to look attractive,” said Gigi.
Hashimoto’s disease or autoimmune thyroiditis is caused by a genetic defect of the thyroid gland. Patients occur specific changes in the endocrine glands.