Such Satanica: 10 most beautiful wives of football players and their secret Hobbies

Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений Wife famous athletes can boast special abilities. Many of them are doing creative work, learn languages and help other people. Lady of the lords of the ball, each successful in their business.

      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      On world football day, 10 December, readers of “StarHit” picked the ten most beautiful wives of the lords of the ball. And we found out what unusual Hobbies have these girls.

      1 place



      “In seven years my mother and grandmother brought me into the painting school, – recalls Maria. – However, there said I was too small for this activity and it is better to try yourself in painting pictures. But I insisted – after a few years at my parents and godparents were icons from my pen. Then there was a transitional age – I wanted to walk, he switched to a circle dance, and a school of icon painting left. 20 years have passed, I got married, had three sons and decided to return to his passion. By the way, when we lived in Germany and England, I couldn’t find the right staff. And after moving to Moscow it’s gone. Last year in the temple in Sokolniki we gathered a group of adults and children and now we are having lessons. The first after returning to the hobby icon I gave my husband a birthday.”

      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      2nd PLACE



      “I’m a creative person – says “StarHit” Inna. – A few years ago tried his hand in design and has released several collections. But I have another hobby, which does not even know the husband. I write romantic songs about love, family, important moments that happen to me.

      Inna Zhirkova: “We are the house often quarrel”

      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      It all started during the third pregnancy, had a lot of free time suddenly came inspiration… the First quatrain recorded in a notebook. After the birth of her son in September 2015 the Muse has not left me, at times to print the poems in “notes” iPhone”.

      3rd PLACE



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “We with Igor and Katya have long been friends of the family, – has shared with “StarHit” Regina Burd, wife of Sergei Zhukov. – Katyusha is not just a looker and an athlete, she has a lively mind and a pronounced thirst for knowledge. She is constantly engaged in self-education. Katie has a predisposition to learn languages, grasp on the fly. It is almost in perfection knows English. Recently took up Spanish and has already managed to demonstrate their success, when was our guest. By the way, she also introduces children to languages from birth Evangelina and Daniel learn to speak Russian and English.”

      4 place



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “Victoria and her friend Catherine Smolnikova, is also the spouse of the player “Zenith” for a long time to save orphans and families in need, says the curator of the project and Help Play Ekaterina Sidorova. In 2015, Vika and Katya have created our Foundation. Jokes like Vika, she came up with “play” and Kate “help”. Both come to all wards. Girls organize charity receptions, trips of children from orphanages for the matches. The purpose of Play and Help attract athletes to socially significant projects and promoting the idea of charity and philanthropy through personal example of successful people. Over the past year managed to collect more than 30 million rubles”.

      5th place



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “Have their own design vision, says “StarHit” Larissa. – Wherever my husband and children neither moved, never remove the housing, just buy. Then I myself, without the help of stylists, bring the apartment in order. On the Internet browsing necessary building materials and also furnishings. Order or go to store and buy on the spot. Overhaul can do in three months. And all the builders in one voice say with me easy to work with, because I clearly know what I want, and easy to explain. I can call myself a designer and an Amateur. Friend to me now for advice turn, and I began to benefit from his hobby – to buy an apartment, finish it and resell”. Footballer Roman Pavlyuchenko baptized his youngest daughter

      6 place



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “I graduated from music school, says “StarHit” Daria. – Sing from childhood. In almost all genres. The vocal range is wide. You can even play music from the repertoire of Whitney Houston and Lara Fabian. I get asked often for birthdays, weddings and other events, where a part of a gift is, of course, the song.

      “My husband also enjoys my hobby. Denis karaoke is always asking for Love assumption – “Guitar toils” and “the only thing tender.” Delight guests with your creativity at the 25th anniversary, which was celebrated on 5 December last year. This time was celebrated modestly, I’m already on the ninth month of pregnancy. We sat with friends at home, and the New year I give birth”.

      7th PLACE



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “Diana loves dogs, but not only squeeze, but also to train, – has told “StarHit” Sannikovo friend, Olga. – She has a girl breed Jack Russell Terrier name is Adeline. Diana in her doted, she for her as a child. Adele loves to snuggle up on the sofa or bed together with the hostess, but the regime does not allow. Every morning, Diana gets up early to take a walk with Adele, washes her, learns a new command. Even hired a dog handler. In General, the dog is cool, obedient, universal favourite. Diana’s efforts were not in vain. Adelka took third place in the specialized exhibition of dogs, which was attended by 220 Jack Russell Terrier, received a trophy and a medal. The Pride Of Diana”.

      8th place



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “With the birth of her daughter spend a lot of time at home – shared with “StarHit” Marianne. – While Yuri plays, I have been raising Nasty, and in her spare time knitting a beret for my daughter, I make. To some it may seem strange, because nowadays everything can be bought, but I enjoy the process. If Yura something breaks, always patch itself. My husband says that I’m his mistress of all trades. He knows better, don’t like to praise myself. In General we are quite simple. The housekeeper and the nurse does not hold. I grew up in an ordinary family in the Greek city of Xanthi. Dad is Greek, mum is half Georgian. How she cooks! When we visit with my parents, eating only home-cooked culinary delights. She taught me about farming since childhood. Jura, incidentally, also lived in Greece for many years. His mother a Greek, and father is Russian. Here we have an interesting bilingual family. I read classical literature in Greek and watch movies in Russian. And communicate in English and Turkish languages – my grandmother was born in Turkey.”

      9th place



      Такие затейницы: 10 самых красивых жен футболистов и их тайные увлечений

      “Poetry, which I liked, I practically memorize by heart! – shares with “StarHit” Eugene. – Still at school interested in the work of Alexander Pushkin. He is a genius. My favorite of his work – “Eugene Onegin”. I read this novel probably a hundred times already. If I Wake up in the night, without hesitation will tell any piece. And actually I love the compassionate sensual stories. From the last – “a Thousand shining suns” by Afghan writer Khaled Hosseini”.

      10 place



      “Turn to me for creative girls who want to make their brand of handbag is unique, – says the “StarHit” designer Inesa Poghosyan. – Clients like to stand out among the crowd and are not afraid to experiment. Among them, the beautiful Alisa Arshavin. It came with a brand new Birkin bright blue color. Alice was asked to put her picture in the form of flowers and butterflies. In the end, the thing sparkle again. She has excellent taste and sense of style.”

      The pregnant wife of Andrei Arshavin has shared a rare picture in a swimsuit

      “Still, she took an active part in decorating them with Andrew house in Kolomyagi, on the North, Peter – adds a friend of Arshavina Alina. – Sketch of the fireplace antique”.