Германика избавилась от тату с инициалами мужа

Infamous Director decided to get a tattoo with the initials of the father of her child.

While the public sighed on the topic “How do you, Valeria, will remain without a husband in the position?”, Germanicus in social networks wrote that the divorce for her release. The Director has separated from her husband, dancer Vadim Lyubushkin when he knew that she was pregnant. It seems that the last stage of liberation the way it is now. Valeria decided to reduce wrist with the letters LV – initials of the ex-spouse.

About his intention to get rid of tattoo Valery said to herself.

“Everybody who is interested – to reduce pain, of course, but this small amount is tolerable. I will need about 7 sessions, what to do, this is retribution,” wrote Germanicus and published a photo of before and after the procedure.

Action Valeria did not surprise anyone. Vadim Lyubushkin girl broke up so rapidly that followers are sure that the dancer is clearly greatly offended her. How else to explain that, having given birth to April 22, the daughter, the Director gave her my middle name and surname? Severin V. Germanica! This is it!

Fans of the stars in the decision to bring her tattoo fully supported. True, some have advised the girl not to experience the new-fangled lasers, and just fill on top of this new tattoo, for example, with the initials of her daughters (the elder, Octavia, Valeria gave birth to 13 March 2008).

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