Georgy Vitsin could become a great dancer

Георгий Вицин мог стать великим танцовщиком
The legendary artist was the ability to ballet.

In the movie “twelfth night”. 1955


Georgy Vitsin love people for roles in the comedies of Gaidai — part of the famous Trinity Nikulin-Vitsin-Morgunov. Few people know that his first theatrical experiences in the school drama club has started with Vitsin played the elderly! “It’s great and I managed. Of course, I changed the appearance using wigs, beards, makeup, we have it all in a mug… to Transform I was able great, I changed the voice so that my parents at first did not recognize. Everybody was having fun. And my job was to get as far away from himself,” said the actor to the film critic Gleb Skorokhodov.

“And yet there was a time when Vitsin was almost continued his acting the way — writes in his memoirs walkers. — It beckoned… ballet! “Very funny, right? I could be a ballet dancer! — continued to amaze me Georgy Mikhailovich. — I bent. Noticed this: in one performance in the drama club, I performed the dance of the shaman. And he did it with such plasticity that our teacher said to me: “now You are in ballet right! You’ve got talent!” It is specially invited to the school of the choreographer, that he looked at me”. The choreographer was shocked data Vitsin said: “Take!” Joyful gosh ran to tell the parents that enters the ballet school. But they said, “No, gosh! The ballet we will not submit…” after some time he himself was about ballet and forgotten, because they passionately wanted to become an artist. After finishing school Vitsin is something drew and learned about admission to the school of painting and sculpture. “There I saw the other guys and realized that my drawing is a fake and that I am an Amateur. Considered that I have no right to take someone else’s place in art school. But the easel did not leave when drawing the sea is so soothing nerves! Paint and brushes were taken on the tour with you… Then became interested in sculptural portrait began to sculpt…” Much later, when Vitsin became a father, he noticed that his daughter is very good at drawing. And old dreams awoke in him: “I — what? But your pictures showed that you have your view of life, he said to his daughter. — And you need to observe around: as bloom leaves, as spring comes…”

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