Актриса из сериала «Игры престолов» Гвендолин Кристи вышла на красную дорожку в Канне вместе с Николь Кидман
Nicole Kidman looked a little on the background of the British actress, whose height is 191 cm.

Nicole Kidman on the question of how she manages so much to do and so many different projects, he replied: “Because I feel like I’m 21!” . Best of all, the enthusiasm and the young actress, which after a month will be 50 years old, looked at the premiere and Photocall series Director from Australia Jane Campion’s “Top of the lake”. Nicole plays on that show with the two Actresses Gwendoline Christie, the famous female warrior of Brianna’s super popular series “Game of thrones” and Elisabeth moss, who played in the TV series “Mad men”.

From Gwendoline Christie growing your fate for a long time was unenviable. In the childhood was engaged in gymnastics, but after a serious injury, the sport had to quit. She grew up in 14 years and the dream of the girl two meters from a small provincial town in England did not cause anything, except ridicule. However, Gwendolyn graduated from drama school, but only after receiving a role in “Game of thrones,” Christie has acquired the status of an actress and began her acting career.

In the privacy of Gwendolyn, too, not everything went well. Some time she met with a colleague for “Games of throne” Nicolau Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lancaster). And in 2014, where she began an affair with British fashion designer Giles Deacon. Incidentally, it wygrala sister Duchess Catherine, Pippa Middleton to create her wedding dress.