George Clooney with his wife preparing for the birth of their twins

Джордж Клуни с женой готовятся к рождению своих близнецов
Amal has already chosen the hospital where children will be born.

George and Amal Clooney

Photo: Forum/TASS

As it became known to the reporter edition of Us Weekly, Amal Clooney and her husband have started in advance to prepare
the appearance in his family to replenish. They want to
time when wife of George Clooney will come time to give birth — and this event should
occur in June, all issues would have been resolved.

First of all, the parents have already decided on the hospital. Since
the last time they live mainly in Britain, the couple wish their children were born
here. They chose one of the most respected in the London hospitals, where
Amal will be provided medical care at the very highest level and
greatest comfort. However, if children will be born early
time, and Amal and her husband will be in this moment in America, they want
to book her place in one of new York hospitals.

Full swing and preparing the house for the appearance in it of children. Spouse, how
they told their friends, want to make your mansion in Sonning (Oxfordshire)
purchased in 2014 year, completely safe for kids. Besides, they already
started work on the nursery
in one of the nine bedrooms of their home.

That Amal is pregnant and this summer should produce
the twins became known after the host of the TV show The Talk Julie
Chen reported live. And soon after that, and mother of George
admitted – it is already some time ago learned that the wife of her son ”
position” and cost her enormous efforts to keep them secret.