Федор Конюхов установил мировой рекорд в шапке из росомахи от Вики Цыгановой
Specifically for the flight, the traveler, the singer made it a unique headdress.

Fedor Konyukhov

Fyodor Konyukhov has set a new absolute world record for
length of stay in the air for hot-air balloon. Grooms
together with the master of sports on Aeronautics by Ivan Menyailo held in
the air 55 hours and 15 minutes and broke the current world record in 50
hours 38 minutes, set by a Japanese pilot Michio Kanda and Harajuki
Takazawa in 1997.

took place in the framework of the project “Russian Space”, established by the legendary
traveler Konyukhov, singer Vika Tsiganova and poet, artist
Vadim Tsyganov. The mission of the project is to convey to the world the momentum on
spiritual revival of Russia with the help of the amazing abilities of Fedor
Konyukhov, voice and talent Vicki Tsiganova as a designer and singer. To
the way, specially for a flight Vick stitched konjuhovu warm hat made of fur
Wolverine — the world’s only fur that does not frost forms. It
became the start of work on a future joint collection of clothes
Tsyganova and grooms already preparing. This time it suits the line will be
is not for fine ladies, as it was in the previous collection
Wiki “the Imperial style” — stoles, dushegreya and coats, embroidered
threads and beads with a trim of fur, and comfortable, but
dressy clothing for travelers. Some of the costumes will be created by
sketches Konyukhov.

“For the first time
men’s outfit I made a few years ago for her husband, —
told Vika Tsyganova. — He’s a poet and poets know love
to dress up. I made him a jacket out of sea snake skin with heraldry,
anchors. Vadim it was in all the campaigns with Konyukhov. And I thought:
Fedor is such a regular, the clothes in which he travels, and the like
to create something unusual, special. And, instead of the label TSIGANOVA, we
just write on it “Made in Russia” and it will also be to support our
the project “Russian Space”, to draw attention to it. Maybe
some young people will be dressed up in our clothes, and then eyes
the sky will rise, and there are stars… And also want some travel
to make the feat for our country!”