George Clooney made a surprise to his wife Amal in honor of the anniversary

Джордж Клуни сделал сюрприз своей супруге Амаль в честь годовщины

Famous actor George Clooney traveled to Venice for the film festival, where was presented the film “Suburbicon”. The actor has acted in the role of Director of the film. During the working visit, Clooney decided to make a surprise to his wife Amal, after all, there are 27 September 2014 they got married.

Джордж Клуни сделал сюрприз своей супруге Амаль в честь годовщины

August 30 in Venice, Italy, opened the festival, which was shown for the seventh film under the direction of Clooney titled “Suburbicon”. The picture was of snata in the genre of crime Thriller, where the main roles, George was entrusted with Matt Damon and Julliane Moore. The film participated in the competition, so the Director could not be present at the festival. But it seems the actor has decided to combine business with pleasure, and during your stay in Venice, made his wife a surprise in honor of their anniversary.

After his arrival, the couple settled in a luxury hotel Cipriani, near which once assembled paparazzi. The couple decided to go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. Amal was dressed in a beautiful black dress with white polka dots, and George wore a classic suit. Get to the restaurant, the couple decided in the traditional way in Venice is by boat. The man gently put his arm around his partner all the way and politely offered her his arm.

Recall that this is the first release of a couple people after the birth of their twins Ella and Alexander. They came to light in June of this year. As recognized by Clooney to be a father at this age “real test”.

Джордж Клуни сделал сюрприз своей супруге Амаль в честь годовщины

“I admit, I never expected that I would become a father at 56 years of age, especially the father of the twins. I was suddenly responsible for the lives of two little people — I find it simply appalling! So I want to advise: never build plans, just enjoy life!” admits Clooney. A man tries by all means to help his wife in raising children and at the same time, spend enough time on career.

A trip to the place of their wedding, the beautiful city of Venice, turned for a couple of real vacations, because the house the couple have absolutely no time for it. George and Amalia almost all the time I spend on newborn twins.

Help the actor in the education of kids great impact on his wife Amal. Every spare minute she is trying to spend on yourself, because the recovery after childbirth requires no small effort. But as we can see by the new photos, Amal has managed to resume its former shape after childbirth and looks great. The festival will last until 9th of September. so I hope that this is not the last time we will see this pair.