Bride of Elijah Glinnikov besieged accusing it of “Roman contract”

Невеста Ильи Глинникова осадила обвинявших ее в «романе по контракту» The winner of the show “the Bachelor” Ekaterina Nikulina in love and happy. The girl is not shy to show feelings and often pleases fans of a photo with the chosen one. And for those who do not believe in them a couple of offers just to pass.

Darling is a popular actor Ilya Glinnikov Ekaterina Nikulina from the very beginning aroused the suspicions of many fans of the handsome”Intern”. She tried to accuse of insincerity and the desire to “propiaritsya”. However, after the show the pair had not broken up. Moreover, Catherine regularly puts in Instagram pictures together, which are full of romance. Most followers now support couples and recognize that they are very beautiful couple. But there are those who still accuses them of “the novel contract”.

“To what number the contract is signed?”, “It was only for show! Of course, they’re not together! It’s just a game! To all looking Bachelor!” – did not calm down the spiteful critics. Nikulin finally decided to respond to such comments.

“Pass by and forgive us our happiness,” wrote the blonde in the microblog.

This statement has resonated in the hearts of the subscribers. They suggested to Catherine to apologize and be proud of their relationship and more often to please joint photos. “Often share photos together. Let us be happy for you”, “don’t pay attention to gossip, live for yourself, That’s generally not expected that the project can feelings to emerge. Apparently, you were made for each other”, “Honestly, you have doubts about your pair… Now I see your relationship. Love! Well done! Suit each other!” – comment on the fans.

Note that Glinnikov and Nikulina the first pair, which has maintained a relationship after “the Bachelor.” Actor “Interns” does not hide that it was originally configured very seriously. He came to the project not for entertainment, but to find a girl that will be able to do with my life. And he actually managed to meet his love. Immediately after the show he invited Kate to live together, but it had to carefully hide, after all, broadcast television is not yet complete.

Glinnikov shared details of personal life with the truck.

The beloved star did not beat around the Bush and admitted that he once considered the artist’s future husband, since they coincided with the views of the future. She said she was ready to become a reliable rear for the wife and all to support it. In order to please the beloved, Catherine even learned to cook. Ilya admires the selflessness of darling and excited about how easily they manage to get along in life.